Need advice on roses, what type, where to grow, where to buy and where to plant

Novice gardener and think i will always be. I seem to be lucky and mostly everything grows but have chosen plants badly ie too close together, not what I expected, planted in wrong position, taking over other plants… could go on forever

Anyway have removed 2 jasmine plants, a clematis, topiary tree and some alium to make room for type of garden that I want…nice flowers and colour ie roses. I like red, peach, dark pink…also like the paler colours

I have small garden with some established plants, nothing is more than 3 years old. Have one very vigorous montana which I have left to do its thing at bottom of garden and then lobbed it over fence to neighbour who was quite happy, all others I am keeping trimmed down ie honeysuckle, other clematis and climbing rose that does’nt climb!

I want a climbing rose (maybe 2) and I think a bush rose or ground cover (not sure of the difference)

One position is against a 3ft old stone wall gets the sun from about 12 till 6pm. Another is against a 6ft fence which gets early morning sun till about 2pm. Both areas have good soil, everything grows anyway. The other place is more difficult, is area in front of plastic shed but gets very little sun for short period in morning and soil is boggy in Winter (am going to add more compost there as advised)

Have googled extensively but ended up more confused than ever, every site gives different recommendations, have cut list of roses down to 18 but still do not know if these are right choices

Would love some correct and helpful advice so that I make the right choices this time

Hi! Welcome to the Rose Hybridizers Association Forum. There is a lot to unpack in your post. First, to obtain the best advice, you should share where you are, what city/state and Zone. What works well for coastal California won’t necessarily work for upstate New York or even Belgium. Second, you are welcome here, but this is a forum which focuses on breeding roses rather than garden selection and cultural advice. Not that there won’t be members here who will be happy to provide that advice, but that isn’t the focus of this forum. You will find many more who are more focused on those issues at (Houzz); National Gardening Association and even many pages on Face Book. Should you choose to also post your questions on those forums, you should provide them with your location so people who garden in similar climates can help you with more accurate information and suggestions. Good luck.

This is just my opinion, and a thought. I grew some Rosa Chinenis Angel Wings from seed, and I really love them. They come in a lot of different petal counts and seem to be white, pale pink and magenta. They flower constantly, and are forming a lot of small rosehips which I hope the birds will enjoy during the winter. Very easy to grow, mostly look after themselves. They form small bushes. They have a nice growth pattern with loads of tiny flowers that don’t topple over or nod, they can stand up to wind and rain. They look nice alongside other roses.

I am sure other people will suggest something more sophisticated. I am just saying that I have made loads of mistakes including all that you describe, and I am actually happy with my Angel Wings.