need a list of HT good seed parents and pollen parents

I need a list of HT good seed parents and pollen parents .Also the same on mini’s and mini-Fl. Larry Popwell

Larry, what are your breeding goals?

Robert… First of all black spot resistant…and fragrance… Larry

My most disease resistant and fragrant HT is Deep Secret. It has no parents listed but it came from kordes. I skip spraying my hts sometimes just to see which are the most disease resistant. It is better than Elina, Solitaire, and sunset celebration which have good disease resistant also. And it is a good seed and pollen parent also.


‘Deep Secret’, for me, has NO Blackspot resistance whatsoever. However, the old HT ‘Roundelay’ is bulletproof in this climate, and one of the most superb of all HTs for abundance and repeat of bloom, and for shrub architecture. ‘Roundelay’ is also a reliable seed setter.

Where do you garden Pocajun?

Paul sounds like he has a different strain of Blackspot prevalent in his area.

I also love ‘Deep Secret’. It’s never show sign of Powdery Mildew here and it is fertile as you say.

It is however from Tantau not Kordes.


LOL, yes Robert it is either a different Deep Secret or a different blackspot strain. If Paul and I can find a rose plant that is disease resistant in both places we may have a great one. I live in South Louisiana.


Anything Blackspot resistant in Southern Louisiana gets my attention.

You’re right Pocajun, we’ll likely never find a rose that works everywhere for everyone.

I’ve gotten some nice things out of ‘Deep Secret’. It was fertile enough that I gave it away this season. I have too many descendants now.

HMF says that Deep Secret is “very disease resistant”… I quit paying any more attention to such statements, as clearly disease resistance (eg. to blackspot) is so location dependant.


“I quit paying any more attention to such statements, as clearly disease resistance (eg. to blackspot) is so location dependant”

Absolutely true. Let us also not forget that disease organisms evolve over time.

What is disease resistant for us now may not prove true indefinitely.

Does anyone sell Roundelay these days? Heirloom sold it years ago.

I can’t find it in the ususal Australian places

I will strike some cuttings of my ‘Roundelay’ this morning, but can only distribute in the US, of course.

Thanx Paul. Let us know when cuttings ready to distribute.

George… Trewallyn Nursery in QLD sells ‘Roundelay’. If you place an order I’ll trade you some cuttings :wink:


Thanks Simon. Will let you know.


Simon, I just realised HMF says it grows best in “USDA zone 6b through 9b”. Maybe Sydney is a bit too warm for it to perform optimally?


That would almost be true of most modern roses I think George… the thing is some of them might be a way forward, with the right crosses, for use in zones 9 and higher. Have you thought of trying some of the Alister Clark HTs… a lot of them are the direct result of crosses with Teas, but are listed as HT. ‘Lady Huntingfield’ is a good example (see link). It grows strongly and cleanly here, and will do so in other hotter/drier parts as well. It has a shrubby tea-like architecture and is recurrent. It’s got no listed descendants, but that could just be because it isn’t commonly available outside Australia.

Trewallyn Nursery is in Bundaberg, Queensland so if it does well up there it should do just fine in Sydney.


Hey Simon.

Thanks for your ideas here.