National ARS Rose Show winner

CLASS 53: Seedling/Sport Large Flowered

One (1) bloom or spray, unwanted growth may be removed.

[Champlain x William Baffin]

David Zlesak

Nice David! Any photos? Congratulations!

Oh is this the pillar rose that you mentioned in a previous thread?? Congratulations, by the way. We would love to see some photos.


Excellent David! Congradulations on your success.

Thanks everyone. There was nice cluster of blooms on it Saturday morning as I was headed to the conference and decided it would be fun to bring some seedlings in for the show.

I have some photos of it, but don’t know how to get one on line to have a link to it. I can send one to Jim Turner, for the member showcase, but he is really busy now it seems with his new job and keeping up with the website as it is.

This is a seedling from 1999. It gets about 7’ tall and is very upright and I think of it as a nice pillar rose. The flowers come in small to medium clusters and are about 2.5" across and a nice dark red. They are very full and quartered and hang a little from their weight. My landlady thinks of them as little bells. I like the rose, but don’t think the plant is full and vigorous enough to be a great performer to pursue introduction. The other pillar, climbing rose I talk about sometimes and think has potential is an apricot climber, pillar that is very vigorous and full, hardy, and repeats bloom a little bit. I’m still waiting to see if the nursery I have it at would like to do something with it.

It was sure a surprise to have that seedling win. I really do not know much about exhibiting and in fact never entered before except helping my landlady with some arrangements a few years back. It was a fun surprise.



P.S. What made it especially meaningful to me is that the crystal bowl was donated by Lois Ann Helgeson in memory of Barbara Maas. I remember Barbara from the Milwaukee Rose Society meetings as a kid and her kindness to me and all her work to edit the RHA newsletter that has inspired me to keep learning about rose breeding.

Sounds like it was a great experience David. I look forward to seeing pics of this seedling. Do you have pics posted somewhere of your apricot climber as well?

Hey David,

That is so cool, you never mentioned this. You are probably so busy with everything. Congrats though-And I think you should fly with it. People up here just love to see hardy roses come out. Especially the apricot color…I know people in my town would jump to buy it.

Too cool