Names of crosses that made the cut from 1000 to 61

The following link give the names of the crosses that made the cut from 1000 to 61.

A lot of interesting crosses. Is their any reason for all the op seed? You hear so often that inbreeding is detrimental to roses, though I disagree based on some of the many fine line breed Canadian roses and I think it is useful for setting characteristics but have yet to really test it out yet. But I was wondering why you have done this so often? Are these most likely selfs or crosses in your opinion.

Regarding open pollinated seeds. Since I do not spray, I have lots of bees. I am willing for Nature to assist me in obtaining seedlings. My contribution is then to decide whether or not the seedling is worth keeping. I have seen article(s?) that some/many famous hybridizers used all/mainly open pollinated seeds. For the keepers, they then made up parents according to what rose was similar and also what was “hot”.

Thanks very much for posting this list Dr. Kuska. I’m a big fan of your hybrids having raised some of your overflow seedlings that have proved to be vigorous, healthy and extremely hardy.

Here is a list of the various parental roses of your chosen hybrids sorted by the number of times they were used (more or less). I thought it would be useful in the eternal quest for bigger-better-faster breeders.

12 Folksinger

9 R-15

8 John Davis

6 Illusion

6 George Vancouver

6 William Baffin

5 Bonavista

4 Rugelda

4 rugosa Alba

4 Royal Edward

4 Theresa Bugnet

4 J.W.Fargo

3 Heritage

2 Carefree Beauty

2 Prairie Harvest

2 Donald Prior

2 Morden Centennial

2 Suzanne

2 L83

2 Sir Thomas Lipton

1 Golden Gate

1 Hansa

1 Henry Hudson

1 Dortmund

1 Darlows Enigma

1 Culbert Grant

1 Carefree Sunshine

1 Brite Eyes

1 Bayses amidiploid

1 Golden Angel

1 Alexander McKenzie

1 Delicate

1 Rambling Red

1 Simon Fraser

1 John Cabot

1 Prairie Youth

1 Poulsons White Border

1 Poulsen Pink City

1 Palustris

1 Mont Blanc

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Thanks Don for the kind comments and the parent breakdown. There are other interesting lessons that I learned. For example some parents seem to mostly give offspring similar to themselves. Dortmund is one that seemed to do that. I was surprised to see that John Davis gave me very diversified offspring. I would not have predicted it from Its parentage. Heritage X Carefree Beauty crosses seem to give the ideal best half from each parent.


I’m still growing out the Basye’s Amphi x GV/JD hybrid. It should bloom next year. It is highly drought tolerant, and I refer to it as the Canadian Damask, lol, because it has somewhat of the greyish OGR foliage.

From 1000 to 61?! Kudos, Henry! Culling is the hardest thing for me to do.

I have set up a link to pictures of the flowers of a few of the roses that made the final cut.

Please understand that some/many were not retained because of the beautiful flower but because of the genes that could contribute to further crosses.

I will probably not be able to show many more pictures this year as the shock of transplanting (and this summer’s weather) may have turned off many of the flowering genes till next year.

Henry, I am getting a message “page not found”, could be me only, not sure.

Dave I tried my wife’s computer and you are correct. I thought there was something I had to set to make it available to the general public, but I did not see anything. I will have to go back and look some more.


I found the place, but it appears to activate it; I have to repost the link.

No problems Henry, I just love looking at all the wonderful roses you guys and dolls have bred.

I have just had a look at your last link, I like the Mont Blanc x OP.

Thanks for those pics, Henry.

I like the idea of Brite Eyes x John Davis.

I’ll have to check out Folksinger…is it a coincidence that you used it so much?

This has been edited by me as I placed a wrong word here and I apologise for any inference


(Folksinger X (William Baffin X OP)) X (Prairie Harvest X R-15) is a very interesting cross.

jbergeson, regarding Folksinger. The only Folksinger offspring I have listed in Help-Me-Find is Orange Alzbeta Kuska. I was surprised to find that Help-Me-Find has only one other listed offspring. I recommend it highly.

david mears, regarding Mont Blanc X OP. The reason it made the “cut” is that it appears to have a flower similar to the Grootendorst rugosa hybrids, slightly larger flower, shorter plant, and very good rebloom. Unfortunately, I cannot even guess who the father could be.

Thanks Henry, is there anything planned for it.

Unfortunately it shares another characteristic with the Grootendorst rugosa hybrids - it does not set hips. From a quick look at Help-Me-Find Grootendorst offspring, the pollen may work. I did a quick check to see if I looked at its pollen with a microscope and apparently I have not. Everything is wet now but I will plan on doing it as soon as weather permits.

Of course I would like to get it introduced, but maybe that will have to wait for my son’s retirement.

The last post in the thread below may be of interest to those of you that are planning on adding rugosas to your breeding.