Name Your Cleanest Seed or Pollen Parents Revisited

A few years ago there was a thread about clean parents ie, those that produce disease-free seedlings. I have one to add to the list. I’ve found Fabulous! to produce beautiful very mildew resistant open pollinated seedlings even when very young and in the midst of what appears to be a mildew farm.

Like Jim Sproul reported, I’ve found Baby Love to be a great parent for mildew resistance. It appears to have a race-specific resistance allele for blackspot and depending on the race of blackspot in your area it will hold up for fall totally apart. We have the race that overcomes it in the Twin Cities. In 2000 an article was printed from a research group in England also finding a race of blackspot that overcomes it as well.

Carefree Beauty tends to give pretty blackspot resistant seedlings in the right crosses, but passes on mildew susceptibility frequently.

I like Frontenac for disease resistance, but most people would probably think seedlings are generally slow growers and not that pretty.

Now I know that I need ‘Fabulous!’ I’ve like ‘Sexy Rexy’ for powdery mildew resistance.

Jim Sproul

I finally got Rabble Rouser to take on something (Remember Me x Rabble Rouser) and germinate so I can hopefully report back later on how that does for disease resistance.

Fourth of July has shown promise for passing on excellent mildew resistance and good fragrance (a rare combination for non-blueing red roses). It is difficult as a seed parent (drops its pollen very early) but produces a ton of viable pollen.

I had a Small Miracle x Simply Marvelous seedling last year that was clean as a whistle from both BS and powdery mildew (Jude…this is the one I plan to send to you). Now, I know Simply Marvelous is a mildew magnet if not sprayed…so I can only assume the resistance came from Small Miracle. I have a few crosses with Small Miracle germinating this year…so hopefully I will get a better idea of whether that is entirely true.

Think I am really sold on adding Fabulous! to my garden as well!!

‘Small Miracle’ has been reliable with regard to producing powdery mildew resistant seedlings - I cannot comment on blackspot resistance.

Jim, thanks for the confirmation on the PM resistance. I used it a number of times this year and was hoping that would prove to be true. :astonished:)

‘Out of Yesteryear’ produces the highest percentage of mildew and blackspot resistant seedlings of any rose I use.