mysterious hip

to keep you busy…:slight_smile:

I lost now my last hip of ‘AD’ x ‘Sympathy’ (9 weeks old). Either it was broken of by a bird or disgusted by the plant.

The hip looks a little bit strange.

It seems that this two roses dont fit together. The cross in the other direction failed also (again).

will see if there is any nut inside this part, seems that two grow in the outside direction ???



indeed, found 2 nuts in a rotting hip. Maybe the hip could not so fast grow as the nuts and broke.

the nuts…nearly as big as sow beans :slight_smile:

I know there is no hope, but I will seed it :LOL

Sometimes the seeds will develop outside the hip. Cologne, Secret, and Fragrant Plum does this.

A few years ago, I germinated several Cologne X Constance Spry seeds, and those seeds grew outside, and all of them germinated.

Hi Bernhard.

This (exogenous seeding) also happened to me in a cross I made recently (Ebb Tide X Hot Cocoa). In that case, I opened all the achenes up (for some other reason), and found many normal looking seeds and embryos in the exogenous seeds. I have also seen exogenous seeding many times in OP hips of all sorts of roses.

I would not worry about it.

Unlikely that these seeds will germinate at 63 days but the embryos might be mature enough to germinate if extracted. Where are you located?

Don, I live in Lower Saxony, if I will start the procedure, the seeedlings must be kept inside the house during the winter, must meditate if preparing my petri dishes, but seems to be the best way.

there is nothing to loose…

one of the extraction seems to be successful:

The outer shell and also the inner hull of the ‘sow beans’ were very thick, the remaining emryo shows now a ‘normel’ size. The other one was broken during the extraction as it was very close to the shell.

you can keep your fingers crossed now :slight_smile:



Hi Bernhard!

Is the discoloration around the edges of the embryo in your picture the true color? should be a uniform pearly white all over. Hopefully it is just color inaccuracy and nothing real!

This is excellent work you are showing! good luck.

George, that needs no appreciation. You did a lot and better extraction than me. I believe it’s the 1st of my embryos w.o. damages. The colouration you asked for ist true :frowning:

Soone we will see what will happen.



Hi Bernhard.

Maybe the coloration has something to do with the “prematurity” of this one. I am guessing that Don could tell us more about that.

I have never delved into embryo work on such “premature babies”!

I would love to see what happens, and how you decided to go about it all. Keep us posted!

What is happening with this premmy baby, Bernhard?

as there was no sign of life after 2 weeks, the seed has been thrown away.

maybe I shold collect those for bird seed? :slight_smile:



well…you certainly like to take on challenges… way to go Bernhard!