My winner of the year.

After having watched this years seedlings flowering, I have found two “winners”, which I look forward to watch developing the next years.

As always my expectations are higher than the results, but still getting some worth keeping, gives optimism for next season

wow, Santana coulda been called ‘Scarlet Dawn’ lol. Lookin’ good, Bo :slight_smile:

What I do is keep 10-15 “keepers”, depending on the quality seedlings of that year, and move them to somewhere to prove themselves. Then I weed those further down to 1-4-ish. Im sure I’ll post photos next spring/summer of this years true keepers :slight_smile:

Scarlet Dawn sounds great Jadae :slight_smile:

As many others here, I guess, I got a problem finding space in the garden to the seedlings. Although I haven’t got so many, they still need lots of space to improve. Now I have moved some of the good seedlings to my work, but surely next year I will need to eliminate a lot more.

Looking forward to watch your keepers next year :slight_smile:


There’s always the excuse of “needing to shrink the lawn more”. It works for me every year, lol.

Lol, I actually did that last year, so I’ll had to find another excuse this autumn…

…more lawn removal? :slight_smile:

I am still trying to figure how much space 1-2 year old seedlings need: planting 8 inches apart is too close; planting 16 inches apart seems wasteful of valuable garden area.


The spacing will obviously have an affect on how many plants you keep for further evaluation or conversely how much space you need for the plants you want to keep.

I have gone with 24

Bo, I love your Abraham Darby x OP seedling. Sure looks like a winner to me.

Jadae there are already nearly no more lawn, as my garden is small!

Rob I also like the color of the Abraham Darby x Op seedling, so I hope it will improve in the years to come.

Abraham Darby is for me a kind of bonus rose to use, as it often can give nice seedlings with good fragrant.

So if the other crosses didn’t worked well, I can usually rely on some of my ADxOp seedlings :slight_smile:

Congrats. It looks very pretty… I have never used Peace. Peace has beautiful flowers, but it mildews. I do, however, use it’s offspring such as Perfume Delight. I made a cross of Perfume Delight X (Sutter’s Gold X Compassion) but the people who came to sweep and water the plants during the week kept cutting my rose hips.

Peace doesn’t mildew for me here in Australia and according to my pocket botannica roses book at the time of publishing peace had been responsible for 192 of the registered commercial rose varieties around the world as a seed parent. Maybe it is well worth using in dryer climates (though you couldn’t reallt call Tasmanian 'a dryer climate!).

Peace and Santana do both get blackspots her in Denmark, but strange enough, the seedling looks extremely healthy so far.

I do agree with Simon that Peace is still worth using. Just try to make an advance Lineage search at HMF with Peace as parent. 5 pages of first generation descendants rose varieties will show up!

Using peace with some of the healthiest varieties of today, could surely give some great roses I think.

Bo, I really like the ‘Abraham Darby’ seedling also.

I have not used ‘Peace’ in crosses, but I can see why it might be useful to cross it with some of the newer cleaner type roses.

Jim Sproul

I thought of trying Chicago Peace x Pretty Lady at one point in time, but I couldnt bring myself to buy Chicago Peace, lol (PL isnt good for a female parent).