My Two New Crested Roses

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Crested Abundance

Tournament of Roses, GR, 1988, AARS winner X Crested Jewel, Moss, Moore, 1971

Well-shaped healthy bush, disease resistant. Profuse repeat bloomer. Sets seeds easily. Hybridized in 2007.

Crested Gilead

Shockwave, Floribunda, medium yellow blend, WEKgojolo X Crested Abundance, JJEL 2007

Crested Gilead is light pink with an orange tint. It sets seeds easily. I’ve been using pollen from other roses with these two this year and have a bunch of crosses, but the cresting hasn’t come through on them yet.

Under the ARS handbook, there is no classification for crested roses. They are generally classified under moss rose. Some are listed as a centifolia. Crested Jewel and my two roses have cresting, but their cresting doesn’t look like the old moss roses that have moss down at the crown of the bud. Some have said that the crested moss rose is technically a centifolia.

These could be used for further hybridization of well-shaped crested bushes. The two bushes are just starting to bloom now in mid-spring, Willamette Valley, Oregon.
Crested Gilead.05042016.gif

Both very nice!

Beautiful John!