My summer 2004 rose hips

I have finished collecting my summer 2004 rose hips. The list is available at:

Now that Christmas cards and grandchildrens’ packages are sent, I hope to start getting the requested seeds out. Sorry to take so long but I have been ill for about 5 weeks.


Henry, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Hope all is well with you now. I see that you have a collection of hardier sorts, especially rugosa and kordesii hybrids. Have you ever done any work with spinosissima hybrids?

I hope you feel better! :slight_smile:

Tom, regarding spinosissima hybrids. In the past I have germinated open pollinated seeds of Suzanne. I think that I may have a plant or 2 left but I am not sure.

Of course many of the Buck roses and Canadians have 3 rd or 4 th generation spinosissima as does Peter Harris’ R-15.

See: Plant Search


I would like to commend Henry for pioneering the crossing of the two Rosa kordesii series - Kordes and Explorer. ‘Hamburger Phoenix’ x ‘William Baffin’, ‘Illusion’ x ‘John Davis’, etc. One of the greatest advances in rose breeding in the last century was the development of Rosa kordesii hybrids, and its unfortunate that very little work has been done to combine the two series. Henry has given us a start and hopefully much more work will be done in this respect.

Also regarding spinosissima, I am using Prairie Youth. It is 25 % spinosissima and seems to have been negelected by other breeders except for Godfrey.