My seeds this year

Here is a pdf of my seeds this year. I haven’t gotten them sown yet. Some other OP hips left to process.
RoseSeeding2014.pdf (49.5 KB)

You have been busy Joe

There are some very interesting pairings there, Joe! I’m so relieved to see someone else with questionable parentage crosses. At least my worst case should be easy to figure out. The pollen parent was either Blue for You or La Marne. Don’t ask how I made THAT confusion! I dunno!


I really like the crosses you did with Persian Yellow. If half of them germinate and give you half of what I think could come about, I think you will have a few special lines to work with. The Yellow Brick road X Persian Yellow should be especially interesting in my mind. I wonder if PY can help out with YBR seedlings’ issues with mildew. I have only gotten one seedling from YBR without mildew issues. Fortunately most grow out of it. It will be nice if your R. foliolosa X PY cross can give you something yellow, double and with descent health and arctic hardiness. So many nice crosses.

Great job on the crosses now on to the germination phase. I wish you luck

You have some great crosses there Joe. I hope some interesting seedlings result.


There are some great crosses there Joe. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.

I see you have OP seeds from 3H130. I had 3H130 for 6 or 7 years, but I just culled it this fall. I’m getting ready to move in a few years and I’m getting rid of plants that I won’t use any more. It has a lot going for it; good hardiness, good disease resistance and it repeats. I used it both as the pollen parent and as the seed parent and I had high hopes for the seedlings. But I haven’t kept any of them and it is a really large plant so I doubt I was going to use it again in any crosses.

Is that the Hybrid Tea “Love & Peace” or the miniature? I have the HT but have only used it’s pollen in crosses. I tried it on Carefree Sunshine last year and didn’t get any seeds. This year I tried it on a (Goldbusch x EGS1) and have 12 seeds. Neither parent has that great of disease resistance so I not expecting much from any seedling.

Two years ago I made three crosses with Tuscany Superb as the seed parent. I got between 25% and 35% germination from the seeds. So hopefully you’ll get a few seedlings from the seeds. My seedlings have been pretty healthy and they survived last winter well. A few died back to the snow line but some had little die back.

You must keep your YBR well protected in winter. I had one planted in the ground and it died over winter. I got another one and I buried this one and it still died back to the crown. It eventually died also. So I haven’t made any crosses with it.

This year I made two crosses with High Voltage using a Prairie Peace OP and (Goldbusch x EGS1). I have over 200 seeds from each but only because I had to wrap the hips in plastic wrap to keep the deer from eating them. I have a few seeds of Goldbusch x PPOP that have started to germinate as well, these should have good hardiness but GB passes on it’s lack of BS resistance.

Quick reply to Paul…

Deer ate some of my High Voltage hips, too! They even eat the plastic tags sometimes.

I am so hoping to get Tuscany Superb x Persian Yellow to germinate, just because the seedlings should be hardy enough to bloom and what color could they possibly be???

The Love & Peace is the Ping Lim hybrid tea.

I keep my YBR in pots in a cold storage building above freezing! That and a lot of my seed parents like Outta The Blue, All A Twitter, Hannah Gordon, etc., are chosen not because of some grand breeding plan but just because I happened to order them and they like to set seed. None of them are planted outside. However, I love the instant gratification that they give with seedlings that bloom young and with interesting colors.

Thanks to everybody for the support…I have a lot of work to do to get these seeded in the next few days.

The Tuscany Superb X Persian Yellow cross sounds really fun, Joe! Congratulations and good luck! What color might it be? Why, PINK, of course!

Interesting to see in which form others list their crossings.
I did it in a table form.
BR_2014_15.pdf (39.4 KB)
I added the numbers of the sown seeds, where I knew them. Later I add the numbers of the seeds that germinated.

And it was also new to me, that it is possible to attache PDF-files here. That’s good.

Thanks, Kim!

Very interesting format, Frieburg. It could allow for easy visualisation of which roses are your favorite kids.

I’m trying to create a database (in the Filemaker Pro program) for my roses. The spreadsheet that I posted was exported from my fledgeling database.


I started out creating a database using Access but I found it became to cumbersome to try and incorporate all the data in one database. It also wasn’t very easy to manipulate the data the way I wanted. I switched to Excel and found it easier to work with. I do one spread sheet per year for the performance of all the roses and another each year for the crosses I make. I have another that lists all the crosses I’ve done over the years. I don’t have a way of making a pdf file and it won’t let me attach an Excel to this post to show you.

I installed a pdf creator so here is a pdf of my spread sheet.
Pollination_14.pdf (16.9 KB)

I hope that Gloire de Guilan does good things for you. Autumn Damask has been a very good seed parent for me this year, if you don’t mind the alternatives of OP or 0.4 seeds per pollination. Five out of 35 germinated in the fridge, and four more were growing within a couple of days at room temperature. Given another week, they may hit 50%. Considering my 19th century methods, it was a pleasant surprise.

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Thanks Hardy,
Getting 50% germination from Autumn Damask OP seeds is great; you might end up with a good number of seedlings from a small number of seeds. I collected the GdG seeds on a whim. I forget I had raised some GdG OP seeds 5 years ago and nothing became of them. I only got 10% germination rate the last time so who knows what I’ll get this time. I like GdG but I haven’t decided if I want to use it in any crosses. I have used the Gallicas Belle de Crecy and Tuscany Superb in crosses already with good results so I’ll probably just work with those seedlings instead of doing more crosses with OGR roses. But if I had Autumn Damask it’d be a different story since it has some repeat I’d be much more likely to use it.

Some of my fovourite roses don’t set hips easyly. For example Munstead Wood. So it’s more a visualisation of which of my roses produce lots of hips.