My one seedling of ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X R. roxburghii died

My one seedling of ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X R. roxburghii died! WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT.

For years I have had a plant of R. Micrugosa X OP . R. Micrugosa is a cross between R. Roxburghii and R. rugosa, and Bonavista is a cross between a rugosa and a china rose yet I never thought to try crossing them.

( 'Bonavista' Rose )

If I succeed in that cross, it should then be easier to cross that result with R. roxburghii itself.

Of course I will continue to try the ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X R. roxburghii cross.

This season my R. Micrugosa X OP had a long spring flowering period; yet I did not use it for any crosses!

I have never been able to raise open pollinated R. Roxburghii seeds.

Sorry to hear that Henry. It’s devastating to lose them so late in the game. Similar things have happened here.

How did you lose it?

I could assume that it did not have the correct genes to live, but with only one germination that would be quite an extension. I hope some of the other seeds from that cross will germinate next season.

All R. rox crosses failed as of last week. That is okay, there is always next year. Im thinking of getting rid of my red china (Crimson Bengale)and replacing it with a better diploid to use… maybe a polyantha of some sort. At any rate, it needs to be an easly bloomer like the bengale or R. rox so I can have ready pollen for R. rox in early May, or else I have to pray for random decent pollen.

Sorry to hear it died! I have some R. roxburghii x Therese Bugnet on the plant now. The hips are slightly smaller than the OP hips, so I hope they have some seeds inside. I also made R. roxburghi x (R. x rugotida).

Just a try, who knows if it’ll work.


Sorry on your loss. I lost my most promising plant this year. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating and a learning experience.

It’s too bad you lost this one Henry. What an interesting cross too.

I know how disappointing losing an interesting seedling is. I once lost about 50 seedlings in one day…my two puppies had a great time yanking them out of pots and tearing them up. Talk about frustrated! :slight_smile:

I hope you have success with the same cross again.


My parents had a saying that went something like this: when something bad happens, it will soon be compensated for by something positive. It was most often applied to the deaths of the older members of the family as it seemed that such a death was often followed by the birth of a grandchild.

In the present case: today I was planting seedlings out (from the plastic trays into the outside seedling beds. I select which seedling to plant by the relative height. I do not know the the parents at that point. The tallest seedling today was (Carefree Beauty X Heritage) X (Calocarpa X R. Nutkana).

I had 3 of these germinate (out of 17 seeds), one had already died. Most of the unplanted out seedlings left are sickly runts.

Probably, this seedling is more valuable to my breeding program than the than ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X R. roxburghii seedling that I lost.

I like the (Carefree Beauty x Heritage)X(Calocarpa x R. nutkana) cross even more. There are some great genes in that group. Good luck with this one.