My First Seedling Bloom!

Although my first seedlings are all from OP hips, I’m happy to report that my very first bloom appeared this morning on a Golden Celebration x Seedling seedling.

I’m greatly indebted to my friends here on the RHA forum as I am to those on for your support, counsel, wisdom, generosity of spirit and encouragement over the past several months while I fumbled along with my first attempts at hybridizing.

This was a very exciting milestone for me, and I look forward to moving forward from here.

My sincere thanks!


Photos of this first bloom can be found at:


I’m having trouble linking to my Yahoo photo site. Sorry. Hopeefully, this one will work:[img][/img]

Congrats… It will get more petals, and the colors will change slightly on future flowers once you’re plant has matured a bit…


Thanks, Enrique. I hope so, but even if it doesn’t, I’m happy to have reached this point and look forward to seedlings from my own crosses before too long.