My First Rose

My first rose has bloomed and I would like to post a photo so it can be critiqued.

Could someone explain to me how to do it.


Is it a digital photo Russ?

Posting for Russ. Picture #1

Posting for Russ. Picture #2

Nice! Mauve? Is it fragrant? No prickles yet!

Great color Russ. Good luck with this one!

Thanks Robert for posting for me.

The rose is(Sterling Silver x Blue Moon) it is moderately scented similar to S.S.

The colour is not absolutely true, I think there is just slightly more pink in the mauve than the photo shows but I found colour varies with the light source.

She appears very healthy (I managed to kill the previous 4 and this one never looked back.)

I am hoping for something to use as a future breeder from this cross

The 2 photos are about 48 hrs apart and I think I have blown it a bit as the bloom was under lights 24/7 and appears to me to have advanced too fast and have lost its form in the last stage.

Please comment on all features (I’m as pleased as Punch with her but I’m trying to learn)

I’ll bet it’s fertile. Mauves generally tend to be very fertile for some reason.

Congratulations Russ!

It looks very nice.

Jim Sproul

I think its a nice looking rose. Its so hard to comment on a rose when its young and producing its first blooms. I would not be surprised that the actual bloom substance and color change as the rose matures and when its growing outside under the sun. Also need to see how it does with respect to disease.

So far I like the color and hope to see some more pictures as it matures. The color makes me think of fragrant plum.

Nice Russell! Hope you post pictures of futher blooms.

Beautiful form.

Thank you for all comments.

What do I do now?

Do I remove the bloom? Repot? Use fertilizer?

How long to the next stage of development?

I was so happy when I finally got a bloom, now I realize how little I know.

Any advice will be appreciated.


It depends on where you live. Climate? Country? etc… lol What season is it there?

Thanks Jadae.

I am in Australia, early summer, todays temp. 40 deg C. A short hot spell in the middle of my fertilizing progrom. We are in the longest drought in memory for this area and it is expected that there is more hot dry weather to come.

Rose is in 60mm pot in garage in potting mix, about 115mm high with 6 true leaves plus bloom. She had 30 plus petals that have fallen and the stem below the cotyledon leaves (about 12mm)has turned brown, I don’t know what that means, It may be normal for all I know.

This is my first so its all new to me, Advice please.


I’d snap off the flower and move it up into a pot about twice that size.

You should be trying to harden it off and acclimate it slowly to beiong out of doors.