My first New striped seedlings


I understand your infatuatuion with stripes.They are lovely, and this is my first striped blossum-I do have a couple spotted seedlings which are also firsts, but the fruit rats mowed these all down (including this stripe) and this is the first bloom off the regrowth. For some reason, many people really notice a striped flower. On the good side it has many new buds, but with the heavy fog and cool nights, I see a little PM starting on one of the new buds.

Oh that is so pretty Jackie, I like the light pink shading with the dark pink. Quite a few of my friends love the striped roses more than the solid colored ones and I notice when people come into my yard they are drawn to the stripes. The more I look at the lilac colored striped rose that I posted above, the stripes are yellow, the photo makes the stripes look white.