My excess rose seed distribution procedures.

Things are getting a little hectic; I am getting old and easily confused so I thought that I better simplify/clarify the procedures.

  1. Please reply by e-mail.

  2. Please send a different e-mail for each request (makes putting into folders straight forward).

  3. Please make sure the name of the rose is on the request.

  4. Please give your name and post office address in a form that I can simply cut out and tape to the package (the old timers were aware of this, I forgot to repeat it this year).

  5. Because I use a priority selection process based on when a request is received, please do not send blanket requests (“send me all”) or future requests (“if you decide to distribute XXXXXXX, please send me some”). The only time I do not follow the priority selection process of “first in - highest priority” is if the person has not requested any earlier this season or if the person requesting had sent me one of the parents in that particular cross.