Mutable purple rose

Recently, I purchased a miniature pale lavender rose at Lowe’s for my wife. (BTW, I married since last I posted here!) I potted it up and put it outside after enjoying it for while. In the sun, it deepens to a medium pink where the sun hits the petals, and does not at all resemble the same rose.

I assume this is something akin to the changing colors of chinas, the deepening edges of Double Delight, and other processes in mutable roses. (I understand that in greenhouses, these roses do not exhibit the darkening tendency, and require natural sunlight to do so, and this rose is a clear light lavender under such circumstances.)

Firstly, is anyone familiar enough with the minis commonly available to guess what this cultivar is?

Just for grins, I thought I might cross it with something… Giving its mutable qualities, I’m now thinking a good yellow might give the most potential for an interesting offspring… Such could yield a decent lavender, yes, but if not, a fun multi-hued beast could result.

Dunno why, but I find myself hoping my R. banksia lutescens will bloom and give me something truly weird to try, though a successful cross would be highly unlikely. How dumb would that be?

If lutescens blooms, I should probably focus more on proven yellows for her, and likewise for this lavender.

Usually there are IDs on the rose. Sometimes it is ink printed on the tiny pot on the outside. Sometimes there is a tag at the bottom. Sometimes the sales card says what brand it is (Parade, Kordana, Party, etc). If you can reduce down to what brand it is, getting an ID becomes easier. Each brand has a ton of cultivars correlating to them.

I find that ALL, with some exceptions, of the roses bred for mini pot culture do not come true to color once grown outside. For example, a lot of the vanilla toned ones become greenish primrose when grown outside. Also, the form changes dramatically. Patriot Kordana and Heidi Parade are among the few I have seen that come true to color. Unfortunately, they both mildew even here!!! I was actually shocked even though I shouldn’t have been lol.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Recently came across what appeared to be same rose at another nursery. (Purchased original at Lowes, and found this one at a small boutique nursery visiting family in Houston.) No actual label, but a ‘parade’ tag was inserted into pot of this one.

Searching parade roses, ‘Lamy Parade’ is closest I have found. Can anyone confirm that it is in commerce in east TX? And does anyone know if it might fit the ‘mutable’ description?

Dunno why, but I have a real bugaboo about knowing what my roses are. This thing has actually been suprisingly healthy and vigorous thus far. (I’m sure I will eat those words before the season is up…)




The Parade and Kordana series are hit and miss entirely. The usual cons are mass mildew and bad bleaching. The pros are usually a dense habit and nice rebloom.

I have 3 parade roses I picked up at Trader Joes, one mildews slightly and the other two are very mildew resistant, at least in my garden. The two resistant ones I believe are Karina Parade (best guess) and Nicola Parade. The third has gorgeous foliage, and had fabulous form, which is why I bought it, but seems to have lost it’s form outdoors. However when I put it in a larger pot we’ll see how it does.