It must be the climate. My Mutabilis is self fertile & holds on to it’s many, tiny, hips very well over winter. I think it must like cooler weather. It has survived many, varied winters where hybrid teas have succumbed after only a few years. Perhaps this is a rose for cooler gardens. Of course there is no build up over the years. Winter does the pruning with no harm to the rose.

This thread reminds me to cross my Sanguinea back onto its close descendant, Bukavu. Bukavu is pretty brilliant, healthy and red for an everblooming diploid.

I do not know for sure but would bet Kukavu is a triploid as is Rush its pollen parent.

A least it behaves all the way as if it were a fertile triploid.

Ive never had reason to believe it is anything but diploid. However, I am not sure how much it evern matters.

Hi Paul, I just saw your question from the day before yesterday. My seedlings from Mutabilis pollen have been mostly single to semi-double. Perhaps a third had a Mutabilis-like color change. The rest were white or pale yellow.

Thanks for that info, Jim. Thats about what I’d expect.