multiflora x gallica

Here’s an academic question for you…I’ve been doing some research on multiflora x gallica hybrids and haven’t found any yet. I suspect that this wasn’t pursued very much because of the lack of remontancy, but it sounds like an interesting combination. Does anyone know of any multiflora x gallica hybrids out there?



I’ve been doing some research on multiflora x gallica hybrids and haven’t found any yet

This is an interesting observation. Gallica no doubt influenced many of the roses that multiflora has been hybridized with but I could not find any close-species hybrids between them either.

One rose that may fit the bill is Russell’s Cottage Rose, but it’s ancestry is not documented. I have some OP seed of this rose. If you are interested in having seedlings from these let me know and I’ll germinate some for you.

I am sure this has been done, but I cannot think of any examples off the top of my head. Disease resistance in such crosses should be excellent, for the most part, and as we know, you can impart great color into R. multiflora hybrids, even though it is white itself. Have you considered using Veilchenblau as the Multiflora parent? It has proven to give remontant seedlings and pass on good color as well.

I tend to agree with Don when he suggests that Russelliana may in fact be of this kind of pedigree. It is assumed that it is a Multiflora (see stipules) hybrid, and looking at the overall character of the bloom and foliage, its not unreasonable to think that Gallica is also involved. Pure speculation, of course…


And de la Grifferaie.

what about crossing polyanthas with gallicas? That could be a way to get the multiflora in there…or is their ploidy not compatible?

The only cross along similar lines that comes to mind is Goethe, which is a cross of multiflora and an unknown moss rose which probably had at least some gallica genes.


Link: 'Goethe' Rose

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Thanks for the feedback. This sounds like it would be an interesting combination. I’ll have to save it for a day when I have more room.