Moyesii seeds wanted, any variety

I would like to build up a gene pool of R. moyesii and its hybrids. There are precious few moyesii’s so I’d be very happy to have even OP seeds to work with. I have seeds of R. moyesii hillieri that I can swap, or for that matter a ton of OP seeds of many other roses, from which I can also offer seedlings later in the spring.

I have a USDA Small Packet of Seed import permit so people outside the USA could send seeds with no inspection or fees required.

Here is a list of moyesii’s and allied cultivars that I put together from HMF. If you have seeds from any of these I’d love to hear from you. You can write me at Don at Holeman dot org in case the email function here isn’t working for you.

Arthur Hillier

Eddie’s Crimsom

Eddie’s Jewel


Fred Streeter

Freia (Hybrid Moyesii)



R. bella

R. moyesii

R. moyesii fargesii

R. moyesii ‘Regalia’

R. moyesii ‘Rosea’

R. moyesii ‘Sealing Wax’

R. moyesii ‘Superba’

R. saturata

Rosa acicularis x Rosa moyesii

Rosa arkansana ‘Corsley Form’

Rosa moyesii hillieri

Rosa x “Nutcayesii”

Rosa x wintoniensis Hillier