“Mother of Pearl” Seeds are False Seed?

A term l coined for “rare seed” like growths l find in some cross’ hips. Usually large globular form and translucent.

Even find them in hips mixed with seeds of normal physiology. Or a hip may only contain one large one taking up the entire hip void volume - hip usually half to a third normal size of an OP control hip.

Anybody familiar with them ? Real or false seeds ?

There getting tried anyways as one’s a cross with Basye Purple.

Hi Riku,

I think that those are probably real achenes, but they have a more significant juicy aril. This aril can be scratched off with a fingernail or other gently abrasive method–I prefer to damage or remove this if at all possible, after which I also then allow achenes to fully air dry until I’m ready to begin stratification procedures. Even those without an obvious aril still have one, even though it may be very thin.

Some of those look a bit immature to me, given the degree of green coloration, but maybe they have actually reached physiological maturity in spite of that (I tend to look for physical signs of maturity, rather than counting the days from pollination.)


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the info, good to get your feedback so quickly. Been meaning to educate myself on more than the basics of what goes on inside the “hip” after pollen applied to stigma. Beyond my Plant Bio 101 learnings from time of Linus … as a result of seeing things from shucking hundreds.

First year l can remember seeing the mother of pearls, with a high frequency which coincides with moving to an early harvest and more types of crosses.

Done on purpose as usually harvest late October, but thought l would go earlier due to impatience, high rodent trapped count and wanted to see if early made a difference - also … and key …. wanted to avoid the hip mush of post freeze harvest. The early hips turgidity makes seed collection a breeze.

I got the key info that being which crosses “made seed”. Thanks again.

Btw complete duds as seed parent were Fedstschenkoana, Polstjarnan, John Cabot and Franklin (seems always for me), Franco ended spotty, Canadian Shield, Lillian spotty, and more.

Good news for me is may have got RDxS to work as a pollen and seed parent … time will tell.

Greyed ones duds (for me) in table to come … the version to be posted later is not the “count” vetted one, Chinook sunrise result missing. About 2.


This is the vetted version

2022 Crossing Survey Crosses - Field Season to September 16 2022

Hips and Seeds Combo - y or n

1 (RDxS) x Basye Purple y
2 (RDxS) x Helenae hybrida y
3 (RDxS) x Hunter y
4 (RDxS) x Lykkefund n
5 6910 x (RDxS) n
6 6910 x Alika Y
7 6910 x R. fedtschenkoana y
8 6910 x RR#1 y
9 Auli x 6910 y
10 Auli x OP y
11 Auli x R. fedtschenkoana y
12 Austrian Copper x Suzanne y
13 Basyes Purple x R. fedtschenkoana n
14 Bayse Purple x Hunter n
15 Bill Reid x Helenae hybrida y
16 Bill Reid x Lykeefund y
17 Bill Reid x Merveille n
18 Butterball x (Austrian Copper+Nelly Kelly) y
19 Butterball x Nelly Kelly y
20 Butterball x Williams double Yellow y
21 Canadian Shield x (R. fedts+Lykeefund+Helenae h) n
22 Canadian Shield x L83 n
23 Canadian Shield x Merveille n
24 Canadian Shield x R. fedtschenkoana n
25 Canadian Shield x Tove Janseen n
26 Carefree Beauty x (Olds College+Bill Reid) y
27 Carefree Beauty x Bill Reid n
28 Carefree Beauty x Chinook Sunrise y
29 Carefree Beauty x Merveille y
30 Carefree Beauty x Northern Yellow n
31 Carefree Beauty x Olds College y
32 Carefree Beauty x R. fedtschenkoana y
33 Chinook Sunrise x Merveille n
34 Chinook Sunrise x Northern Yellow y
35 Chinook Sunrise x Prairie Peace n
36 Dr Merkeley x Merveille n
37 Ernst Dorelle x 6910 n
38 Ernst Dorelle x R. fedtschenkoana n
39 Francofurtana x Lillian Gibson y
40 Francofurtana x Lykkefund y
41 Francofurtana x Prairie Peace n
42 Francofurtana x Ristimunni n
43 Helena hybrida x Isabelle Skinner y
44 Helena hybrida x R. fedtschenkoana n
45 Helena hybrida x RDxS y
46 Helenae hybrida x (RR #1+Bill Reid) n
47 Helenae hybrida x Bill Reid y
48 Helenae hybrida x L83 y
49 Helenae hybrida x Olds College n
50 Hunter x (RDxS) y
51 Hunter x Basye Purple y
52 John Cabot x 6910 n
53 John Cabot x Basye Purple n
54 John Cabot x Lykkefund n
55 John Cabot x Merveille n
56 John Cabot x Ormiston Roy n
57 John Cabot x R. Xanthina n
58 John Franklin x (Lykee Fund+Helenae hybrida) n
59 John Franklin x Merveille n
60 John Franklin x Polstjarnan n
61 John Franklin x R. xanthina n
62 John Franklin x Ristimunni n
63 L83 x 6910 y
64 L83 x Agatha y
65 L83 X Ames Climber y
66 L83 x Empress Josephine y
67 L83 x Helenae Hybrid y
68 L83 x Merveille y
69 Lillian Gibson x R. fedtschenkoana n
70 Lillian Gibson x 6910 y
71 Lillian x RDxS n
72 Lillian x RR #1 y
73 Lykkefund x Bill Reid n
74 Lykkefund x John Cabot y
75 Lykkefund x L83 Y
76 Lykkefund x Olds College n
77 Lykkefund x R. fedtschenkoana n
78 Lykkefund x RDxS y
79 Lykkefund x RR #1 n
80 Merveille x Bill Reid Y
81 Merveille x John Cabot y
82 Merveille x Olds College n
83 Merveille x Polstjarnan Y
84 Merveille x Porsliini Kaunota y
85 Merveille x R. blanda “Herttoniemi” Y
86 Merveille x R. fedtschenkoana y
87 Merveille x RdxS y
88 Merveille x RR#1 y
89 Merveille x Suzanne y
90 Morden Centennial x Francofurtana n
91 Northern Yellow x Merveille n
92 Olds College x Helenae hybrida y
93 Olds College x Lykkefund y
94 Olkkala x Olds College y
95 Polsjarnan x Lykeefund n
96 Polstjarna x Winnipeg Parks n
97 Polstjarnan x Butterball n
98 Polstjarnan x John Cabot n
99 Polstjarnan x Merveille n
100 Prairie Dawn x 6910 n
101 Prairie Joy x Merveille n
102 Prairie Peace x Nutkana n
103 R. blanda “Herttoniemi” O.P. y
104 R. carolina x (RDxS) y
105 R. carolina x Lykkefund y
106 R. fedtschenkoana O.P. y
107 R. fedtschenkoana x (Lykkefund+ Helenae hybrida) n
108 R. fedtschenkoana x Auli n
109 R. fedtschenkoana x Carefree Beauty n
110 R. fedtschenkoana x Ormiston Roy n
111 R. fedtshenckoana x Bayse Purple n
112 R. nutkana x Prairie Peace y
113 R. xanthina normalis x Tove Janssen y
114 Ristimunni x Francofurtana n
115 RR#1 x Nelly Kelly n
116 Schoeners Nutkana x Prairie Peace+Hazeldean y
117 Suzanne x Austrian Copper y
118 White Altaica x Auli n
119 White Altaica x Nelly Kelly n
120 White Altaica x Northern Yellow y
121 Winnipeg Parks x (Lykkefund+Helenae hybrida) n
122 Winnipeg Parks x Basye Purple y
123 Winnipeg Parks x L83 n
124 Winnipeg Parks x Northern Yellow n
125 Winnipeg Parks x Polstjarnan y
126 Winnipeg Parks x R. blanda “Herttoniemi” n
127 Winnipeg Parks x R. fedtschenkoana n
128 Winnipeg Parks x Tove Jansson y