Most Fertile HT

This may be old hat to most of you, but I was so pleased that I just had to share this with you. None of the many crosses “took” this year using Barbra Streisand pollen, so Sunday I decided to be content with what the bees gave me.

I had maybe 6 pods from Sheer Bliss, and 4 from Oklahoma, etc. I went out with my quart sized Zip-Loc baggies, collecting and labeling. I knew there would be more from PURPLE PASSION, as I had seen pods with their jewel-red seeds sticking out when I went past. This rose is in a raised bed and is now 6’ tall, so I got up on the stone blocks with my pruner and baggie. Pretty soon the baggie was full, then one of my pockets, then the other pocket was full. When I came down again, I had gathered 158 big fat pods, and had left 2 or 3 dried pods remaining. I know that people often say that the purples (and the lavenders) often need a bit of shade, but not so with PURPLE PASSION. She is against my East wall, so she gets full sun, including that blazing western sun from about 10 AM on, all day. She does not lean away from the reflected heat of the wall either. I know that this largesse is not from something that I accidentally did right, because FRENCH PERFUME is only 42 inches away in the same bed (with 15 pods) and BARBRA S. is the same distance away on her other side (with zero pods). So far PURPLE PASSION is my all-time winner as a mom. Now I can’t wait to see how many seeds come from this.


FWIW, Modern Roses XI shows the parentage of Purple Passion to be seedling X seedling, while the plant patent shows the parentage to be Fortune Teller X Love Potion. Good luck with the seeds!


One of the hybridizers here in our PNW Hybridzers Group has had a lot of good luck with Purple Passion as a seed parent. All of the seedlings have been very prolific and quite fragrant which is a plus. Sure hope you have the same. Please be sure to post next spring when those seeds germinate, grow and bloom. Hope they are some good fragrant ones. I’m betting that they are!

Ooo, looks like a must add for my hot-roses hybridizing!

Jim, where does one look up parentage via plant patents?