Mossing on leaves

I have noticed that Scarlet Moss has these bumps on the leaves, and the underneath seems to be slight mossing.

This year, I have noticed a seedling of Scarlet Moss X (Prospero X Goldmoss) having these irregular leaves. The Prospero seedling has virtually no mossing.

I haven’t grown raised moss roses yet. They seem to be either weak and die-- or turn out like my nifty Prospero seedling. (Which is very lovely but has no fragrance and spots very nastily like its Goldmoss parent.)

The leaves are especially thick and heavy, unlike my other seedling. I hope to raise a bi-color like my rose.

Sorry, my arm touched the mouse before I could re-edit and add the question…

The question:

Does this mossing on the leaves mean that the seedling will be especially mossy?

It seems to me that if if there’s mossing on the leaves, then it has to mean that it’s so mossy that it had to go on the leaves…

I noticed it on Scarlet Moss as well as Rose Gilardi and had wondered it if was due to inheriting especially thick, rugose leaves from kordesii. Rose Gilardi has small, glossier leaves, but they have some of those tiny bumps in them too.

Mossing carries into the leaves of some varieties, usually more heavily on the midribs.

In my experience, mossing on the leaves is not a good indicator of mossing on the actual bud. Some of the mossiest leaves I know of (especially on the leaf margins) are leaves of Marbree, which is decidedly not a moss. On the other hand, some of my seedking mosses, just getting ready to bloom now for the first time, have very unmossed leaves and heavily mossed buds.