More than 20 years ago...

“The soul of the rose is her fragrance”, recalls Maya Polscher from German rose breeders W. Kordes’ Söhne. “Much too often people tell us that fragrance has been eliminated in modern roses, and that fragrant roses always are ill.” Kordes aims to proof that fragrance and plant health do not exclude each other.
“More than 20 years ago we decided that resistance should be our first ambition in breeding work and this goal will be the most important in future. But fragrance, the soul of every rose, was not forgotten”, assures Polscher. “We only wanted to get it together with resistant and healthy foliage. This challenging combination cannot be achieved over night, but last year we have proudly presented the first results.”

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Lovely…good health AND fragrance. Now I hope the next project will be low thorned or thornless. Nonetheless, happy to see increased resistance to disease.
Happy Holidays to all,
Jim P

Thanks for that article, Pierre.

A big part of why I love the Westerland – it’s both hardy and very fragrant. :slight_smile: