more seedling photos

I’ve added a few more Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedlings to the album. BUT, one of my Morden Sunrise x Purple Heart seedlings is finally blooming - 06-2635-4. It is at the bottom of the album. I have had 4 seedlings from this cross, pitched one already due to no petals (just sepals, anthers and pistil), one is growing on its own terms (sometimes my Purple Heart bush does this too). The other 2 appear more normal.

This one almost makes me think about trying the cross again, but perhaps Outta the Blue or Ebb Tide would be better pollen parents. They are a bit better behaved bushes and very similar genetics.



Interesting Liz.

‘Purple Heart’ was pretty much a dog here. I would never use it as a breeder but that doesn’t mean it might not be great elsewhere.

I took the plunge with Outta the Blue and Midnight Blue this year.

So far I’m fairly pleased with them though fertility remains a big question.

Was Purple Heart hardy for you there? Thanks, Robert

Purple Heart is a bit better than the hybrid teas as far as hardiness goes. Outta the Blue is probably the best of the 3 when it comes to hardiness. The jury is still out on Ebb Tide, last year was its first season. I decided to stop adding to this lineage in my germplasm collection and figure out which of the 3 is the most useful from a breeding perspective. Purple Heart up here definitely has a bit of a funky growth pattern. Puts out new growth and then sits, grows some more and then blooms, then sits. Ebb Tide and Outta the Blue do not do this.

Liz, nice seedlings coming along.

I have used ‘Midnight Blue’ quite a lot and like what it produces. Sets hips well and the seeds germinate well. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it tends to shed it’s leaves after a big hip set. That doesn’t seem to hurt it and then comes back with new growth. I love the dark purple color on it.

Jim Sproul

Liz, did Morden Sunrise impart its fragrance to any of your seedlings?

Dee, yes some of them have the fragrance, but not all of them. Looks like black spot is rearing its ugly head already. So far the seedlings have not been hit, but several BS magnets are starting to drop their leaves.

Dee, another one bloomed for the first time this morning and it has the tangerine scent!! First one of the Morden Sunrise seedlings to have that particular scent. The seedling is number 06-27-10 in the album.

Those are beautiful seedlings indeed! I see that a number of them have pointed or quilled petals. The color of Morden Sunrise x Home Run is a stunning cherry red! 06-27-10 has beautiful color also.

Tangerine is my favrourite fragrance in roses, but I guess fragrance is a random thing. I can only imagine how delicious it would be if this particular fragrance were strewn over top of other damask, gallica, and myrrh fragrances! The tangerine fragrance of Morden Sunrise is more powerful than that of Jude the Obscure, and well worth the breeding effort for that reason alone. The Japanese beetles love its fragrance as much as I do, lol!

Black spot used to be an issue here untill I started amending my soil with agricultural sulphur, which has essentially eliminated BS from my yard. Mildew, OTOH, breaks out in the late season.

Congrats on your seedlings, Liz! You have much to be proud of :slight_smile: