Moores Pink Perpetual

Does anyone have any experiance with Moores Pink Perpetual?

I got it as a replacement for a rose that wad mislabled.

There isn’t much info for it on HMF. I was wondering what it is like as a plant (i.e. disease resistance, vigor, flowering) and if it is good a parent?



I doubt it would make a good parent but I haven’t tried it.

I’ve had it here for several years. I seem to remember it can make a few small misshapen hips in some seasons.

When it at it’s best it’s a lovely thing but in my climate it lacks vigor. It could be cultural. I don’t pamper in anyway.

You might try it for pollen if you can find any.

That’s just a guess.

I was enamored with it the first time I saw it at Sequoia but it was growing in a container.

I’m guessing it needs the best of everything to show itself to it’s best advantage. I’d leave it in a container.