Modern Roses Books

The last twenty years I have been a rose book collector and now have several duplicates. I have an extra copy of Modern Roses 7, Modern Roses 8 and Modern Roses 9 in good condition. If anyone is interested,they are available at no charge except for shipping postage.

Milford Clausen

Hi Milford,

Could you please reserve Modern Roses 7 for me.

Thanks George

Will send you a regular e-mail now.


The Modern Roses 7 is yours


Milford, I would be delighted to have either of the remaining books, if they are still available.

Happy new year to all.



You are more than welcome to have Modern Roses 8 and 9. Send me your mailing address and I will get the off this weekend.

Wishing you a great 2008.


Philip - If you are still interested in Modern Roses 8 & 9 I need your mailing address Thanks

Mif Clausen

Hi Milford. I just emailed it to you again. I’m posting a confirmation request here just in case!

Please post here if you don’t get it.