Mixing Hulthemia lines w/ HT (non-hulthemia)

I am currently using Eyes For You as seed parent, and adding HT (non-hulthemia) pollen onto it.

For those of you that have done similar combinations, is there merit to this, or is the blotch mostly lost in the babes?

I don’t know yet, George, but should see next spring. The seeds I have from Eyes for You are with Gardens of the World; Lynnie and 42-03-02.

Hi George,

I have crossed Hulthemias with ‘Gemini’, ‘Stainless Steel’, and ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. When there are more than about 20 petals and the blotch is not large, the blotch does get lost. However, if the particular seedling has a nice opened form, the blotch can be an added “surprise” at the end. You may have seen my post where the blotch can add interest with roses that have exhibition form, if the blotch is large enough.

Hulthemias with Form

Jim some of those roses in that link are truly magnificent, WOW!

Kim it is great your EFY set seeds!

I have added Firefighter pollen onto my EFY so far. I love Firefighter (ORAdal) !

Thanks George! It took the thing a while to decide it was going to.

You have done well, for such a young cutting you seemed to have of EFY!

My EFY said a clear “NO” to me on every pollen I dumped onto it last season, but after hearing about your success this way a short while ago, I decided to use her as seed parent again. The first bloom / hip I pollinated has just turned yellow and abscissed, however the second one seems to have a strong stem below the receptacle. This is part of the fun of hybridizing… i.e the anticipation of what might be !


Last October, my plant was a four inch, own root plant. I pushed it in a two gallon, then a five gallon where it remains.

Will be interesting to see what comes of your crosses Kim and George.

Jim the white one on your blog is beautiful, any idea what might come from your three crosses as mentioned above.

Thanks David. I admit I will be delighted to have the blotch show up and be nice, but it was with the idea of spreading around some of the healthy foliage and seeing if I could build upon what each one could bring to the cross that motivated the crosses.

Thx David M. David did you get an EFY?

I’ve wanted to get ‘Firefighter’ but always change my mind at the last minute. All I Hear is good things about it!

Kim, the ‘Lynnie’ seedlings are on their way up so maybe E4U wll meet them too. I bought ‘Honey Dijon’ and was thinking it might be good with it too. ‘Carefree Beauty’ is going to meet it too. David, my E4U should be big enough to take cuttings of soon so let me knopw if you’d like a piece. I’m sure there are enough people here to be able to get you some pollen when you are ready too :slight_smile:

Firefighter was awesome when I grew it for some years. Its not a huge HT, like Mr. Lincoln is, but it was perpetual, healthy, sincerely fragrant, and compact for me.

However, when crossed with Purple Heart, it bred … pink, pink, and pink.