Mister Timer - the best that I have found!

I have finally found what I was looking for in the way of a flexible timer that also allows misting for propagating cuttings. It is the DIG 5006-IP timer (please see link below). I learned about this timer from Burling Leong, who worked for Mr. Moore for many years. Since the closing of his nursery, she has opened her own nursery - Burlington Roses.

Jim Sproul

Link: www.sprinklerwarehouse.com/5006-IP-AC-6-Station-Controller-p/5006-ip.htm

I have a DIG 5006IP as well and love it. It can be a pain to program at first, but it works great. A six station timer that uses standard 24 volt solenoids that are sold everywhere. For $90 you can’t really go wrong.

Jeff Stover


What settings do you use when you start a new batch of cuttings? Do you change it as they mature?

I used to use this as well, but after having to reprogram it several times after power failures, I went in a different direction. Otherwise I agree; its a very versatile unit.

John, I use the 15 seconds mist with 15 minutes between cycles. In a cooler climate, you might want a longer duration between mist cycles. I don’t change the cycle as they mature. At 2 to 3 weeks, I pull them out of the mist and let them harden off in the greenhouse. After another 3 to 4 weeks, I put them outside under my tables (shade them) for about a week, and then in full sun.

Paul, did you use the battery back-up? What I am a bit worried about is that it will not operate during a power failure, so fresh cuttings would die rather quickly. What are you using?

Jim Sproul


The battery backup didn’t always work, unfortunately.

I currently use a system of fogging fans that turn themselves on and off using a humidity sensor.


I currently use a system of fogging fans that turn themselves on and off using a humidity sensor.

Paul, can you please give specifics on these?

Sorry for the delay in responding, I am MIGHTY busy these days.

Here is what I use:

Link: www.jaybird-mfg.com/

Thanks, Paul. Someday when I build a greenhouse these misters will be an interesting option but I think I’ll stick to soda bottles and baggies for a while more. I spec’d a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ chamber for whick they recommend the SS 700, which goes for a grand with the humidistat controller, taxes and shipping.


These fogging fans are designed to fog a large greenhouse, not just a small growing space for raising 100 cuttings or so. My system is designed to fog the entire 48’ X 20’ greenhouse. My Cattleya hybrids Summer in a corner of this house and the love it. (Yes, I have raised Cattleyas from seed as well. Surely a sign of true madness)