Midnight Blue as parent

Has anyone tried this as a seed parent yet?

Thank You.

I tried using it last year. Granted, it was only a one year old plant, but it did not set seed well. The few seeds it did produce never germinated.

It works ok as a pollen parent. I did not use it extensively, but it has produced some good deep reds. I have not gotten any purple decendents.

Thank You very appreciative. It seems to be what I am expecting.

I have used it as a seed parent with three different roses this year in its first year and so far all hips are still good after almost two months. Crossed with Love, Lynnie and Darlow’s Enigma.


Thank for the info on it being a seed parent .I will try mine in a few days. Probably with Lynne Anderson Love would be ok. J&P lavendar simplicity hedge and a few others and see what I get.

Hi Andrew, I have posted several seedlings with ‘Midnight Blue’ as a seed parent of them. I obtained a very dark purple seedling from Tom Carruth for use in breeding several years ago - it was not a commercial variety. It sets hips wonderfully. After ‘Midnight Blue’ became available, it seemed like the same rose, however, I am now thinking that it was a sister seedling that didn’t get moved forward. So, I suppose that I may have been falsely attributing the parentage to ‘Midnight Blue’, when it probably was really a sister seedling!

Jim Sproul