Microscope use with my seedlings.

The first bloom of the year occured on 5-12-2008. The plant is my #491 which is expected to be: ((Delicata X OP) X Will Alderman) X R15.

A calibrated picture of its pollen is at:


The picture of its flower is at:


Since there is no yellow in the flower, and since the leaves look “typically rugosa”; it appears that R15 is not the father but that it is a self pollinated seedling.

The pollen diameters are consistent with this plant being a diploid.

A calibrated picture of Will Alderman pollen is given at:


Since R15 has been determined to be a triploid, it would be expected to have both diploid and tetraploid pollen. I feel that it would be improbable that R15 is actually the father but simply did not pass on any of its characteristics.

Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/MicroscopePictures02/photo#5200437786584070658