Maturing late ripening hips

I often treat late maturing hips as cuttings … these I stick into moistened perlite and keep covered with plastic and in a warm bright location. Often callusing and even roots will form, though of course maturing the hips is what I

Thank you TerryR for going into detail into something that is often described only vaguely.

This brings up another question: will a cutting with a green hip attached root easier than a cutting without a hip?

This summer a fallen tree branch broke off a part of my (Rugelda X R-15). This rose is known to be hard to root (or impossible). I took the broken off piece and stuck it in the ground next to a soaker hose - my normal rooting practice. One by one the side canes turned brown finally leaving the one cane that held a hip. This cane remained green for a much longer time. I think it finally died also, but I wonder if the hip was the cause for its much longer life.

Henry, that