Martin Frobisher, Will Alderman combination

I fell that the following rose is of commercial quality (year 2000 seedling):

Martin Frobisher is described at: 'Martin Frobisher' Rose

Will Alderman is described at: 'Will Alderman' Rose


Looks very nice, Henry. The restrained growth habit should make it popular with landscapers. For nosescapers, does it have good fragrance?


Regarding fragrance, my nose is not very sensitive.

My wife said that she was clearing weeds in the area yesterday and could not detect any obvious fragrance.

It is raining today so she cannot do a “close up” check.

Now that’s a lovely bushy form–

And the flowers look, in that picture, like a pleasent shade of pink without that rugosa mauve tint.

I think we should release more lovely shades of pink rugosas like Frau Dagmar Hastrup.

I consider the flowers pure white.

It is a beautiful plant with beautiful flowers. Congratulations!

Henry, it looks like an excellent rose. Congratulations! I’m curious how you intend to get it into the nursery trade. Don’t forget Canada!


So sorry Henry–

Now that you say that, they do look white to my eyes now.

They look slightly pink on my screen–

Paul, it has been accepted by a commercial nursery for a 3 to 5 year evaluation.

Concerning Canada, most of my crosses are intended for northern climates. I assume that once one of my seedlings is accepted, Canadian distribution wiil be a high priority. Until then, I often offer my seeds (with hardy parents) to Canadian hybridizers. For example see the thread about my tetraploid acicularis crosses. I distributed acicularis X R-15 seeds which should add disease resistance and hardyness to yellow roses.