Marilyn Wellan Hybrid Tea

I need info in regards to Eddie Edwards new hybrid tea rose named “Marilyn Wellan”. Is this rose available and if so by what nurseries? I have the miniature Marilyn Wellan hybridized by Mitchie Moe and it is a very prolific grower and profuse bloomer


Thanks for the comments about the miniature ‘Marilyn Wellan’. I will pass them on to Mitchie, who I know will be pleased that the rose is doing well in your zone. I recall when Eddie announced the HT ‘Marilyn Wellan’ at the convention in Memphis he mentioned to Mitchie and me that Johnny Becnel Show Roses was going to have it budded on Fortuniana and Jack Walter said he would have it on Multiflora. You might check with both of those nurseries to see if I heard right and when they would be available.

I talked to Jack Walter from Kimbrew-Walter the other day and he told me that he is going to have all of Eddie’s hybrids on Multiflora. However, as many of you know Eddie suffered quite a setback from Katrina. Jack mentioned that he would not be getting any budwood until spring, so it will be a while before he has some limited quantities of field grown budded plants.

How is it possible to have two roses with the same name, introduced within a short time of each other???