Marie Bugnet revisited

I finally aquired this cute rugosa.I like the lineage a lot and want to use it in breeding. I assume that it makes a better pollen parent than a seed parent. I am thinking of crossing it onto a fertile ground cover type or a patio type. I am unsure so far.

Experiences? Thanks in advance.


Yes, ‘Marie Bugnet’ is a better pollen than a seed parent. This is the first year I’ve ever seen it set hips (on a small shrub).

If ‘F.J. Grootendorst’ is the staminate parent, then because of a Polyantha in the pedigree there is a lot of potential to develop interesting shrub forms and flower colours when crossed with other Rugosas. Robert Erskine’s ‘Gleam’ (‘Will Alderman’ x ‘Marie Bugnet’ is a semi-double white with a slight pink centre, and his ‘Leafland Perpetual’ (‘Will Alderman’ x ‘Marie Bugnet’) apparently is quite short (45 cm.?). I use ‘Marie Bugnet’ every year in my Rugosa breeding programs but don’t have anything to report yet.

Thanks for the info, Paul. Yeah, it is the Grootendorst lineage that is particularly interesting. The habit + it being a white blend rather than true white is intriguing. I wanted to use it on something like Spring Fever, but am unsure until I try next year.