Lucille Ball gone for good?

I posted this on the old site- seems I can’t read as well as find Lucille. I have been looking for this rose after seeing it in a J&P catalog several years ago. The breeder had told me it is only available in Africa now and he hasn’t the rights to it anymore. I would be ever so grateful if anyone might possibly know where to get one or a start? Thank you in advance for any response.

I have ‘Lucille Ball’. This rose is still grown by several hobbyists. I budded this variety last year and stuck cuttings last Fall. I might have a couple that took. All clones are virused from what I understand. Where are you?

Lucille Ball had a home here in Rancho Mirage, CA that I visited when her late husband Gary Morton was still alive. I had plans of donating a specimen to the local library. Thanks, Robert

How thoughtful of you to think to donate a specimen! They may be glad to obtain one, as being her namesake. It is fortunate you had the opportunity to visit her home.

I am located in the Seattle, Washington area. I know some roses do not do well ( ie. Voodoo, Lagerfeld ) with our damp weather.The petals tend to turn brown before they unfurl if we have a wet spell.

I thank you for your reply to my post, Robert. I will let you know that I am a complete novice. I have only just begun to exchange plants/starts with neighbors and friends, although all seem to enjoy and benefit.

Is it the name that intrigues you or the color/class? Im asking because there are newer alternatives along the same lines since the release of Lucille Ball.

Marilyn Monroe and Nancy Reagan are the most recent of these. Sunset Celebration is the best for our area (Pacific Northwest). If you want something truely intriguing in this color range then I strongly recommend an HT called ‘Belle Epoque’. It is the same bronzey-peach as the rest but the back of the petals are brick red! You have to grow that one own-root, though.

I am glad to hear from you, Jadae, and appreciate the recommendations for our area.

It is the color that allures me, the tone of tangerine near the center is great. I will consider an alternative to Lucille.

While online I happened across a plea for someone who can propogate Lucille. Robert came to mind. So here it is Just our Pictures of Roses, Lucille Ball ~the rose ~rose picture~

This is a splendid site that is very helpful with friendly people.

This rose is a bit difficult from cuttings but a percentage do root. Jadae is undoubtedly correct about there being better roses in this color class for your area.

I only acquired the rose because of the local association to it’s namesake.

And a fine rose you have, Robert. She is certainly a beauty.

Jadae, I agree that I need to consider/look into using another. I most likely will go with one of your suggestions, for which I am highly appreciative!

I agree after seeing Belle Epoque that it is truly stunning in coloration.

As I stated before, this is a splendid site with friendly and helpful people. Thank you .

i also have been searching for a “lucille ball” rose. i love celebrity roses (i can remember their names). ha! ha! i live in north florida and my roses have not stopped blooming all year. if anybody can help me to find one also, i would greatly appreciate it.