Louis Stoddard's hybrids

Does anyone know if Louis A. Stoddard is still hybridizing roses? Or does anyone know of sources for any of his roses?

From what little I can glean from HelpMeFind, he made good use of the often overlooked, Rosa carolina and Rosa suffulta. His fifteen introduced roses span from 1973 to 1992. At least two of his introduced roses are direct F1 hybrids with North American species.

‘Winsome Native’ is ‘Gene Boerner’ X R. suffulta

‘Restless Native’ is ‘Orangeade’ X R. carolina

There was also mentioned a hybrid of ‘Mount Shasta’ X R. suffulta that was use as the pollen parent on ‘Restless Native’ to produce ‘Native Wedding’. Also, ‘Restless Native’ X ‘Apricot Nectar’ gave ‘Loverley’.

In addition to these roses, he has introduced some from more conventional breeding.

I think his home would be only an hour’s drive from mine.

Does anyone from this forum know about Louis and his roses?


Check Boerner Botanical Gardens, because I believe he tested some of his roses there. Many years ago I was interested in his breeding work using Rosa laxa. I believe he had a ‘Orangeade’ x Rosa laxa selection. I wrote him a letter but didn’t receive a reply. I’m still peeved (smile). I note the botanical gardens has a shrub rose collection - August Peter Memorial Shrub Collection. If you visit, let us know if you find anything interesting in it.



I’ve just been doing some checking. Apparently Lou moved to Greencastle, PA (which is not very far from where you live) sometime in the 1990s or earlier. He had not been in good health for some time prior to his death on December 4 (last week). He had not done rose breeding for some years: apparently the soil is very bad, mostly glacial rock, and he switched over to small-scale vegetable growing as a gardening activity.

I’ve talked with his wife Mary. She says that in front of the house is a large shrub rose that blooms all summer. She’s not sure what it is, but she will check. She is pretty sure it is not a commercial variety. Perhaps this is one of his varieties. If so, probably you could get a start of it. Maybe I could drive over and we could run up there together sometime.

I’ll be back in touch with her soon, as I think RHA should do an article on Lou, and she has promised me some material. Thanks for asking about Lou’s roses. They started me thinking about Lou and some other things that I hope will be helpful to RHA.

Thanks Peter and Paul, (if only there were a Mary too :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that I’m too late to meet Mr. Stoddard. Sounds like he would have had some fascinating history with species rose breeding that he could have shared with us. I was unaware that he had worked with R.laxa also.

And yes, Greencastle is very close to home for me. So whenever it would be alright, I would like to visit with Mary and learn more about Lou and his rose breeding. Keep in touch.

Thanks again, Tom