Loss of first Seedling

My first seedling has lived and died.

She popped up with the 2 cotyledons and looked very healthy at first but did not go further, 1 of the 2 leaves never rose up then slowly developed a grey discolouration which eventually spread to the other leaf and now they are grey and shrunken(dead?)

I assume this is my first experience with damp off, but the problem did not occur at soil level but definitely started on one leaf(the stem is the last part affected)and spread from there to the other.

Is this damp off? If not what is it likely to be?

The second seedling is now up but this one has gone immediately to the 3 leaf stage where the first never advanced.

I was so pleased when my first one sprouted, now I want to save the rest so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Russell, I am not sure which fungus infected your first seedling, but it doesn’t sound like damp-off. As you noted, damp-off kills at soil level and then the top dies.

I’m glad that you other seedling is growing well.

Jim Sproul

Here’s a link re: damp off that you might find helpful.

Link: www.gardengrapevine.com/DampingOff.html