Looking for specialty nurseries/gardeners for collecting roses for breeding

I’m trying to figure out where I can get quality hybrid tea, miniture, and heavily scented older rose types that are tetraploid or diploid such as damasks bourbons and portlands and any kind of easy care extremely hardy roses similar to knock out roses that are still tetraploid? to collect for breeding I currently dont have any roses at all a few varieties I’m looking for
Hybrid tea
“ingrid bergman”(not sure on spelling)
“Mr. Lincoln”
Miniture Rose
“Rise N Shine”
“Black Jade”
furthermore are knockout roses triploid? and if so would they not work with tetraploids? also would knock out roses breed well with say hybrid musk roses since those are triploid too?

Welcome. I see you just joined the Forum today. Please indicate in what country you live. We may suggest several US sources but if you are over seas, they will be of no benefit to you. Conversely, if you live here and a European member suggests a European nursery, it won’t help you as importing plant material is expensive and time consuming. Yes, triploids can work with tetraploids and diploids. Some work better than others. It appears many of the Knock Out types work better as pollen parents as opposed to seed parents.

Ah sorry forgot to mention my country I live in the US, North Carolina specifically I found most of the miniture roses I wanted already including some I didn’t know were available since I had last been interested in rose breeding I used to have several links to different stores but no longer have them after a decade or so having not been interested in the subject I did find a link to one of the ones I remember having saved Heirloom Roses. I’m specifically looking at getting some damask and hybrid tea roses and maybe a knock out rose or 2 for pollen since I can use that

Thank you. Burlington Roses here in California has about the best selection of neat things, USUALLY available and wonderful service. Burling worked for Ralph Moore at Sequoia Nursery for over three and a half decades. She KNOWS the roses she grows and sells. Rogue Valley Roses in Oregon has an impressive list but is very spotty as far as being in stock and they have a well earned reputation for “pigs in a poke” roses. They regularly send out mis identified roses and have never had anyone working there who cared enough to actually know what they offer or have in stock, so if you like gambling, go for it. Roses Unlimited in the Carolinas has a decent selection. High Country Roses Colorado has great service and an interesting selection. Mountain Valley Growers in California has a very limited selection of some really neat older minis and they sell what they produce (ALL organic and also have vegetables, herbs, perennials) at half the price of anyone else. Normal is about $18 a rose. Mountain Valley is $7.95. You should definitely browse Rose Petals Nursery in Florida. They may have something you find interesting. Because you are on their coast, the shipping shouldn’t eat you alive. It does for us West Coasters.

Feel free to use Help Me Find as a resource. I imagine we all do.

If you like Tiffany, Mister Lincoln, and Ingrid Bergman, you may also like Pink Paradise, Firefighter, and Peak Performance. The latter is a very good germinator, especially for a hybrid tea. It has the same color and foliage type as Ingrid Bergman.

While not a true miniature, the shrublet Midnight Blue can also give dark colors much like Black Jade can.