Looking for some suggestions

Wondering if there are some suggestions for some good diploid climbingrambling roses. I am looking for a couple of roses that are not red or pink. I prefer yellows. I was going to try to get a rose called Aglaia (Yellow Rambler) but cant seem to find a reliable source. I like the thought of a hybrid multiflora as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jersey Beauty - Wichuriana x tea, single yellow rambler (light yellow)

Emily Gray - Jersery Beauty hybrid with a china (medium yellow)

Im assuming they are diploid but ya never know. Only thing off the top of my head that is somewhat similar. This line produced Belinda’s Dream. Hope that helps ya Steven.

How about Crepuscule, the noisette? Also look into Alberic Barbier and Primevere - yellow ramblers. Not sure if those two are diploid though.


Also forgot Rosa banksia lutascens.

Problem is–I dont know if any of these can survive his climate which makes it rather difficult to choose.