looking for rosa x rehderiana seed source

I got this a long time ago from Parks Seeds but now can’t find it. Does anyone know any alternate source for this rose (plant or seed)?

Could you please provide any more insight? I have never heard of that rose before, and if you can give everybody here a few more lines of information, we could possibly know which rose is that and a location of a vender. What was the description?

Thompson and Morgan was a source that I used.

From Thompson and Morgan’s on line catalogue (see link below).

"Rosa polyantha Angel Rose Mixed

Hardy Shrub. A little charmer which often produces sweetly scented sprays of dainty roses in 2-3 months of sowing, in shades of white, pink and rose, ideal for the front of borders, patios, pots, tubs etc. Flowers summer. Height 30cm (12in).

Code Description Price Status

9710 1 packet (50 seeds) $3.39"

I used to use the seeds in germination experiments and then donate the plants to the local rose club for fund raising (I kept a few of the most unusual for myself).

Link: www.thompson-morgan.com/seeds/us/list_r_3.html

Thank you, Henry. I will check them out asap.


I saw it for sale from Unwin Seeds as well. They have seed racks at Franks and a number of other garden centers. This rose has very little seed dormancy. I get great germination from just soaking the seed in water overnight and then planting it. They usually start to germinate after a month at about 60F for me.


Thanks. I just got my order from Thompson & Morgans today!

I’ll check out any seed racks I see just in case.

S. K.