Looking for Rosa Woodsii Kimberley

Is anyone growing this one?

We grow this one in Canada. Here is a link to a Botanical Garden description of the plant and a photo.
Scroll to page 6.

Yes in theory based on the nursery tag label and looks, for about 12 to 15 years in the back garden. A no fuss rose in zone 3. Whack it back every two three years. Readily germinates from seed. Anything specific you were wondering about?

Thank you both. Was interested in obtaining it to breed with it. I’ve read that it’s a manageable size and that piqued my interest.

Yes it is in my garden manageable (zone3A Canada) and has never has exceeded 4-5 feet in height. It does spread by suckering and seeds easily. I “whack it back” because I tend to cultivate intensively and EOS gets squeezed by it. Texas maybe another story with the heat and humidty, be interesting to see what happens. For me it is a very very clean rose with no issues. As to heat , I remember college station actually having a snowfall in winter of I think 1986 when I was down there for a week at a dredging course.

I should draw your attention to the fact that my “labelled” version could not be considered “compact” low grower at 4 to 5 feet, though the flowers are near identical and the “leaves”. It is definitely higher, hence my slight skepticism I have the true “Kimberley” clone unless the clone grows bigger in Calgary.

Thank you for the additional information.

Still looking to obtain this one. Does anyone have cuttings to share?

Sent you a PM.
Located several R. woodsii ‘Kimberley’ being retailed at a Canadian Tire Store.


Bylands indicates that it repeat blooms. Do you know it that is accurate? I will be answering your PM. Thank you.

“Repeat” isn’t exactly the word I would use. It takes a rest after the spring flush and then opens a flower here and there for the rest of the season.