Looking for help to find the name of a rose

Hi all

I have tried to find out which rose this is.

Somehow I just can’t find any “clear look a like” on HMF, but maybe some of you know it.

Follow the link to watch pictures of the rose taken today.



Link: home20.inet.tele.dk/roses/Unknown-rose.htm

Bo, could it possibly be a florist rose that someone rooted??


It looks like the roses from the 40/50/60 era. It reminds me of Sutter’s Gold, but it isnt that.

I think it could be ‘Sutters Gold’.

I agree with Robert; that MIGHT be ‘Sutter’s Gold’…does it have a strong phenolic scent when fresh?

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

After looking at HMF, I must say it looks very much like Swim’s great rose Sutters Gold on many of the pictures.

The rose has been in this garden at my work for years, as I have been told, so it could very well be it.

The rose is actually still available to buy now I saw, so it must also have been that earlier too.

This morning I have taken some new pictures I will add later today. It has a strong fragrance, very nice. No sure if it phenolic, but intense!

I couldn’t resist using its pollen on McGredy’s H

It has produced popular roses such as Royal Sunset.

Yes actually it looks like it had been used some times in the 50/60 era, but also later with the fine result of Broadway in 1985, according to HMF. Interesting…


That’s Sutter’s Gold.

I’m very sure of it… strong fragrance… elegent blooms that open full blown sloppy.

Count the petals… there’s about 16 to 20 petals on that rose, and Broadway has more if I remember.

And in hot sun, it takes on carmin/bluish tones.

I love Sutter’s Gold–

I grow a lovely seedling of Sutter’s Gold X Compassion which isn’t as lovely but the form is great and I see the potential of it giving other seedlings with fragrance if I re-crossed it with Sutter’s Gold or Compassion.

I pollinated Arthur Bell on this seedling… it didn’t take. (But it’s extremly young. I have to wait for a few years till it builds.)

Enrique it got at least 20-25 petals if you also count all the smaller ones near the centre too.

Interesting seedling you have in Sutters Gold x Compassion! A back crossing with Sutters Gold could be an exciting a fragrant rose.

I might try Chinatown and/or Adolph Horstmann x Sutter Gold, both are fragrant.


You may want to consider Blackspot and Mildew resistance when using a rose like Sutter’s Gold, which is very poor (in many climates) on both counts in comparison to more modern varieties.



Paul, how has ‘Royal Sunset’ for blackspot resistance up there? It is a ‘Sutter’s Gold’ descendant.

Anyone grow Royal Sunset in a blackspot prone area?

RS seems to resist mildew here in the desert. Sadly Sutter’s Gold isn’t immune to PM.

I am very convinced now, that it is Sutters Gold, but I have uploaded 2 new pictures anyway.

I will watch it for Blackspot and Mildew Paul.

Thanks for all your prompt views and comments everyone.


When I grew it for 8 years, Robert, it didnt have any blackspot.

Great Jadae. Did you try using RS at all?

I tried it a bit for pollen last year, nothing great came out of it but I think it has potential.

I saw it set a lot of OP hips. I never tried it though.

I now guess that the rose at my work is Sutters Gold.

This winter it had some OP-hips as Jadae also mentioned. One big hip got 4 enormous seeds.

One of them had actually germinated and is close to flowering. The flowerbud is all dark red, very nice looking. I will also post a picture of the flower, when it opens up.

Ups I can see from my link that the picture of the seedlingbud had failed. I will correct it later today :slight_smile:


Here is the picture of my “Sutters Gold” OP seedling with a nice dark red/purple colored flower bud. I wonder what the flower will be like.


Nice one Bo!

I’ll bet it’s yellow unless the bees have been at work.

One of the thing I like about SG is the long elegant buds. I think buds can be very beautiful.

Well at last the Sutters Gold x OP seedling open up and Robert you were right it was yellow, with some orange too. Nice bud and bud color, but more light yellow when open up. But good fragrance. See link for pictures.


Link: home20.inet.tele.dk/roses/SuttersGoldxOP-seedling2007.htm