Looking for a rose to name...


I am interested in a hybrid Tea double rose in color pink, white or yellow. Preferably pink. What other type of info can I provide?

I am seriously interested in finding out how I can have a rose named. I know it probably consists of creating a new hybrid, or taking one on that is in the process. I

It would be helpful Craig to learn your expectations for this rose. It would be much more difficult to have a rose named that would have a wide distribution. Roses developed and marketed by the large firms have had a considerable investment in time and resources to get to that point. They are the cream of the crop and supposedly have performed well in various climates across the country. They may have been sponsored for the AARS trials or other international trials. If a nursery goes ahead and introduces a rose, they will be very aware of the sales appeal of the name they give the rose and the marketing potential. For instance, Weight Watchers probably paid a large sum of money to have ‘Weight Watchers Success’ rose named which is on the market. Word has it that he breeder of the old red hybrid tea, ‘Chrysler Imperial’, had such a car given to him. In a recent Jackson and Perkins catalog they had an add stating that for ~$75,000 you can spend a day with them and buy the naming rights to a rose and obtain so many plants (?300?) of it shipped. The roses you would have available from them of course would be their “rejects” that they had propagated up and at the end showed some National flaw to be dropped from introduction. What a nice way to earn some money from such roses!

If you are interested in just having a pretty rose named and obtaining a handful of plants of it, many of us amateur / smaller scale breeders would surely have the ability to help you. If you want to have a rose that a nursery is willing to propagate and sell in quantity to the public, it would make your task much more difficult. The task would be especially difficult if the name has more of a personal meaning and connection.

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Considering David’s comments as entirely accurate, I might still be willing to help you in this matter. Email me for details.


Thanks guys…I’ll pass the information along to Craig. I’ve suggested that he contact you directly or continue a dialog here on the Forum.