Long, Skinny,

Hi, folks,

I have (beginning to bloom now for the first time) nine open-pollinated seedlings of “Fa’s Marbled Moss,” a rose Jon Singer and I found growing in an irrigation ditch on my property. Two of the seedlings, which I’ve named “Papyrus” and “Tessellations” (because it’s easier to keep track of .jpgs that way) have remarkable, very slender, extremely thin leaves. I’ve heard there are a couple of roses which share this trait (Watsonia, for example), but to the best of my rose-rustling knowledge, there aren’t any of those here in the Armpit of the Rockies. There are, however, any number of Albas, multifloras and wild roses around here. Any idea where either of these might have come from?

Seed parent: http://shimbopottery.com/roses/marble.html

The kids:



The other kids are Andromeda, Number 2, Robin, Curly, Starry Day, Number 9 and Nonna Bella, all of which you can find from the index.html page if you’re intested.

Link: shimbopottery.com/roses