Livin' Easy X Robusta seedlings--

They’ve germinated and are living. However, they’re not disease resistant. It’s got “really good” black spot right now.

Normally, I would just let it live or die accordingly. However, this time I want to help them out at least at their seedling stage.

I used hydrogen peroxide, and it’s not doing anything as I suspected. However, since this is a rugosa hybrid with rather rugosa like foilage. (More rugosa than Rugelda) I’m afraid of spraying it with a fungacide.

Enrique, I would try Serenade. I’m using it on my seedlings and it has not harmed even the youngest of them.



Where do you get your Serenade from?


Gardens alive has it.


Link: Best-Selling Insect Control, Weed Control, Grass Seed|Gardens Alive!

I was thinking of getting it in ‘commercial’ quantities/concentration.


I bought mine (6 bottles for $53.95 and free shipping) at Seeds, Etc.


A lot of web retailers are selling it at 14.95 to 16.95, plus shipping and handling. I bought two bottles at Wal-Mart for 8.95 plus 6% sales tax.

Thanks for pointing this product out.


You’re welcome. I have used it on seedlings with no harm to them.

I also had a softwood cutting in which the stem was blackening (rotting) and each time I cut lower, it just kept reappearing. The last cut I sprayed with Serenade and now it seems to be surviving with no black reappearing and it’s been two weeks.

I’d plan to try this on some seeds to see if it will slow down some bad molds, and spray it on some newly germinating seeds.

This product may turn out to be most useful for hybridizers rather than the general public, since you need to cover the entire leaf surface to get mildew prevention, which could get expensive if you have a lot of roses.

By the way, some Walmarts carry it and some don’t. You should call first.

By the way, some Walmarts carry it and some don’t. You should call first.

You’re right. I went to two Wal-Marts before I found it. I had just assumed the first hadn’t gotten it in yet.


BTW - Off topic. Serenade is registered for use on apples (diseases like Scab). In a PA test is was found not to be particularly effective. Other Organic methods worked better.


Couldn’t get it-- however, I think I’m able to save the rest of the seedlings.

Seven days ago I once more sprayed hydrogen peroxide. This time I used a fine mist bottle I bought at target for 36 cents. It’s perfect to aim for the mildew under the leaves.

Then I sprayed a mixture of soapy water with some baking soda.

Mildew is gone, and I think that if I can protect the new growth from being infected in the next two weeks of rain-- then perhaps I can have at least one plant of my labor.

Normally I would let them die, but seeing that Robusta hasn’t a great many of seedlings, I think it maybe worth it.

I’m very happy with one seedling which has bloomed yesterday-- not a Robusta copy cat after all. Very similar, but it has yellowy/ orange tones to its red. And it’s not single… it has an extra row of petals.

It’s still struggling with disease resistance, but I saw so much great potential in this seedling that I planted it right next to my kordesii x basye’s amphi seedling.

Foilage has no rugosa influence (it has the thorns for sure.)

But I believe one day I will attempt a cross of my seedling with Keith’s Delight.

I’m going to avoid Rugelda because I have zero luck with it, and crossing that rose with an already borderline-health rose will most likely result a rose that’s very weak.

This seedling is fertile… It seemed that every openly pollinated flower that it has made seemed to drop cleanly. It seems cycle many blooms very quickly and I thought, “oh… dead end rose.” Then I checked for the other seedling… it has long died out.

But no, today-- I looked at it to see for disease (some… but still going strong) and I noticed that it’s produced an openly pollinated hip.

I’m very happy.

I am thinking that it maybe possible make a cross with Keith’s Delight, or even two of my Basye’s Amphi seedlings. Heck… I may actually do a cross with Rugelda.

In any case, I see it’s ability to cycle many flowers and quickly (even as a very small plant) as something I can continue with. Seedlings, if they’re not in the Rugelda mold, may do well if I crossed it with Betty Boop or even Iceberg. In any case, next year I will pollinate it with Queen Elizabeth to test out how fertile it is. Maybe even with Persian Sunset. I have a FANTASTIC seedling of Pillow Fight, an open pollinated rose. It reminds me of a miniature Carefree Beauty in both flowers and leaves. (Pollen parent may have been Kim’s hybrid “Lynnie.” It reminds me of Lynnie in flower color.)

Maybe my seedling isn’t disease resistant, but perhaps it could open the doors for other hybridizers who still see something useful in the Robusta line since.

It seems to want to make quick growth… so maybe, I maybe will have to propagate it (if it’s easy) by root cuttings.

Although… I wouldn’t say no to an offer to propagate it on rootstock. I am more than willing to share it to anybody who gives me the offer (or other seedlings as well.)