Little Chief

Has the ploidy of Mr Ralph Moore’s miniature ‘Little Chief’ ever been determined, is it a diploid, anyone know?

Hi George,

I haven’t heard of others testing it. If I can get one I’d be glad to test it in the future here. It is fun to see the surprises that have come about for ploidy. For instance, with the pedigrees and low fertility I assumed that ‘Lillian Gibson’ and ‘Topaz Jewel’ were triploid, but they are both diploid. That led to testing and learning the female parent of TP, ‘Golden Angel’ is triploid. Paul Barden has shared that ‘Golden Angel’ is a nice parent because it doesn’t over shadow the male parents for traits. THis is probably because often it contributes 1 set of chromosomes to them and the male influence if tetraploid can be more. Knowing GA produced a diploid in TP, I crossed it with polyanthas and have some diploids I really enjoy with a little fertility that I’m excited to breed with.

I’m getting off topic here, but I’d be glad to count ‘Little Chief’ if someone can help me get one.


Absolutely David!

From my notes it is probably a diploid. This was stated in one of the early Newsletters some where. It has been largely unexplored as a parent. It has a couple decedents like Sweet Chariot or Vineyard Song. Ralph Moore and Ernest Schwartz used it as seed and a pollen parent. It produces few seeds per hips but it does set seed. It greatest value is probably as a pollen parent. It has been said to be very fertile as a pollen parent. All of this I got from my notes and not from personal experience.

Little Chief is almost certainly a diploid. I can supply root tips for testing, if needed.

Thanks Paul. I thought I could get it, but it turned out not to be. too bad.