List of potential parents for disease resistance



If you look at the photos on the PDF, you can see that whatever rose they tested under the name of ‘Hansa’ is some other Rugosa cultivar with five petals. Hmmm. They also used my photo of ‘Topaz Jewel’ without my permission.

As you know Paul, the internet is about as impossible to police as seedlings once they leave our door.

Nothing is sacrosanct.

At least it’s a useful article. Of course there are always commercial considerations.

Interesting list. Thank you much Henry.

Does anybody know how About Face performed in 2007 trials after its good for an HT performance: “moderately resistant to BS and Cercospora”

Are Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station conditions discriminating enough at inducing spot deseases?

Is this performance confirmed by those growing it?

In three years, starting with a rejected specimen, (I’m a plant consultant who often takes home orphans rejected on the job site) About Face has been one of the cleanest roses, without a trace of mildew, B.S., or Cercospora-however it does always get a lite case of rust somewhere in the growing season-which is easily controlled by removing the affected leaves. I do not spray much (once or twice with Spinosad mixed with UltraFine) and do not fertilize heavily, and do not use Bayer systemic. It blooms up a storm and sets hips that are very productive with seeds that sprout. Have a few up and coming this year.

Hmm, I’ll take another look this year, but my memory is that About Face is not very disease resistant - black spot problems. Kind of like Hot Cocoa.

About Face is a piece of crap here :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno about disease resistance, but About Face did not do well here in the heat, so I got rid of it.