Lionel Poole

As reported by Mondo on the Rosarians Corner:

I am very sad to announce the untimely passing of my very good friend Lionel Poole. Lionel passed away yesterday (26th) due to complications following a hernia operation.

A world renowned rosarian, rose breeder and past RNRS Champion Exhibitor Lionel was an enthusiatic breeder of top quality exhibition HTs.

Whilst pruning my roses this week I decided that I would write a piece about Lionel for next edition of The White Rose magazine as a follow-up to a piece I wrote about Frank Benardella entitled My Rose Heroes. Sadly now I will never be able to talk, one-to-one with Lionel again and write an article about someone I truly believe to be a real ‘Rose Hero’. Working from relatively small greenhouses (about 8ft x 12ft) behind his home in Cardiff, he managed to produce a breeding line of HT roses that regularly win the top prizes in UK rose shows. I believe that it is a great pity that few of his creations have managed to find their way to the USA because I think that they would thrive in the sunny southern climates.

Roses aside Lionel is survived by his wife Joanne, his children and grandchildren. My deepest sympathy to them all at this very sad time.

My condolences. Thanks Meg for sharing this information about Mr Poole.

He certainly left a wonderful legacy for others to enjoy.

With time perhaps some of his work will be more widely distributed her in the U.S. I’ve admired his cultivars for some time. Nice to know too that he was able to accomplish so much with relatively little to work with. It gives something to strive toward.

Example of his work:


I would like to write to his wife Joanne to wish her well after this very sad news.

Could you let me have her address in Cardiff.