Lena (shrub, Zuzek, 2007) seedling

I had one keeper from a bunch of Lena X OP (polyantha) seed kindly sent to me last November / December by David Zlesak.

It proved very vigorous, sailing through that mild summer (it germinated in summer with no problems !), and so far shows larger than expected semi double flowers that are a vivid pink which ALMOST ages to purplish.

Apparently it might be a natural cross of Lena X Ole !

Anyways, after a few months of growth, I decided to pull the plant out of its large pot, and split it into five plants over winter. All took fairly easily, now I have 5 copies of it all in rich garden soil in the ground. Here are these 5 copies, pictured this morning:


[attachment 1128 1.JPG]


[attachment 1129 2.JPG]


[attachment 1130 3.JPG]


[attachment 1131 4.JPG]


[attachment 1132 5.JPG]

Yesterday we had a sudden rise in temp to 30 celsius, and some leaves were scorched from this heat (as I had transplanted these only a few days prior with not much regard to any root damage).

All the plants look fine this morning.

This one is obviously very heat tolerant.

That’s pretty cool. Looks like exactly the kind of genetics we need here in Australia! Put me down for a plant when you go commercial with this one :slight_smile:

LOL, it is breeding stock ONLY !!

Actually if you want one I can send it to you, just ask.

I thought he just did! LOL!

OK OK !!!

email me: gvarden at bigpond dot net dot au


Tasmanian Quarantine issues might mean sending a cutting instead of a pre-rooted plantlet, but my bet is that it would strike real easy anyways as a cutting !

Anyways, one thing about this IS 100% certain, it is not a selfing of Lena (does not have a single flower like Lena does).

That’s ok… I’ll wait until next winter. Cuttings are starting to fail here already. Thanks for the offer.

Lena and the rest of the roses in the series fortunately are doing well both in cold MN and hot Texas. Hopefully the offspring of Lena continue to do well in Australia.

We can only try our best and see, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to play with Lena babies, thank you David Z !

Simon, if you want pollen I can send you some just email…same for anyone else who contributes to this forum and is in Australia.

The first flower bud of the new season about to break open (it is less than a year old from germination, so dunno how the flower properties will change as it matures)…

[attachment 1145 SANY0001.JPG]

2 days later its still not sure about opening…don’t blame it, yesterday was as cold as our winter, today is back to warm / hot spring weather.

[attachment 1153 SANY0302.JPG]

Nice deep coloring coming out of that seedling. Did you mean to say it was a seedling of Zuzek’s ‘Ole’ or Armstrong’s red ‘Olé’? I didn’t expect the rich colors. Hope it continues to hold that as it opens.

I’m looking forward to seeing the form and color of bloom as well as size of clusters as it grows.


I cannot confirm which of the Ole dadda rose might be (it was not a deliberate pollination so is a guess anyways whichever Ole that nearby plant happens to be in that garden).

Now that you bring that up that is a great question to be sure! …for some reason I myself had assumed Ole (shrub, Zuzek, 2007).

These five plantlets are all divisions of the original seedling as stated earlier, but if I put them all together as one plant at this stage in my mind’s eye, that seedling’s shape might have looked sorta “hemispherical / dome-like” with lots of flower buds at the periphery…or maybe a low bush habit if you like.

Here is the bud today, the plant with the thicker canes on the left of the image belongs to Ebb Tide, and by coincidence I was able to compare colors with ET unopened buds this morning to the bud shown here, and it is of a similar spectrum of color in that same soil / position / location.

The color of the opened flowers used to shift to some type of dark pink last season, lets see what happens now that it is more mature (I’ll get camera happy again tomorrow no doubt).

[attachment 1161 SANY0299.JPG]

Hi! The ‘Ole’ next to it was Kathy’s polantha/shrub. ‘Sven’ was also somewhat nearby. With the richer color perhaps that may be the paternal parent. It looks like the seedling is double and both ‘Ole’ and ‘Sven’ are double.

Thanks for the confirmation David, have a nice day/night !

Here it is open this morning.

It is bout 1.75 inches in diameter.

Cannot detect much (if any?) fragrance today.

[attachment 1162 SANY0297.JPG]

Here are all the petals / petaloids from the above bloom (front face of petals is shown, their back is similar in design and color).

I guess 8 petals excludes it from being a single flower.

I guess these appearances have not really changed much since first blooms last season.

The color shown in this image is fairly accurate to real life (at least as I see it on my monitor).

In a few days I’ll try and post a pic of another bloom at the aging stage to see if the more smoky coloration turns up again as the blooms age.

[attachment 1163 Picture68.jpg]