Lavaglut as a seed parent?

Has anyone tried Lavaglut as a seed parent? My intended seed parents were grazed by deer just before their first flush last Spring, and I ended up trying a lot of roses that I had never tried before, including Lavaglut. I wasn’t expecting much from it because it only has one registered seedling as a seed parent. It set hips very well with most pollen parents. The number of seeds per hip was a little on the low side. It seemed to depend on the pollen parent, ranging from an average of 1.5 (Europeana) to 13 (a mini seedling). Lavaglut is such a good rose that I would have expected it to be used more in breeding.

It passes on blackspot. I used to grow it. It often blackspotted worse than it’s seedlings though. I still have Raven which blackspots midly but outgrows it through sheer vigor. Wing Dings, a orange-red polyantha seedling between The Fairy and Raven, looks to be introduced by the new Edmunds.

That’s interesting. I’ve never seen blackspot on it here, but the variety of blackspot we have here isn’t very virulent, and doesn’t affect many roses that are supposed to be susceptible.

Yeah, it is perfect here except for that issue. Blackspot is more common here, though.

Oh, I forgot. Home Run x Raven failed. I had to try Home Run as a seed parent out of sheer curiousity.

Raven has a lot of progeny out on the market, it seems. I think it might be worthwhile to try out because ot retains Lavaglut’s flawless red color.

I forgot the major flaw of both-- THEY HURT TO PRUNE! :slight_smile: Very thorn, they are.